Jenny J Starmack
By day,  I am a Business Office Manager for an up and coming company in Pacheco.  We manufacture machines that make drinking water from the humidity in the air.  no Joke - It is the cleanest, crispest water I have ever tasted and there is NOT WATER line hooked up to my machine. - www.EcoloBlue.com
At night and most weekends I am the lead singer for a GREAT Rock band,  GarageLand Rodeo.  I have been with the band for over 5 years now and still have to pinch myself, because I am living the Rock n Roll dream!   I love every one of my band mates and being able to sing with all my heart and soul on a regualr basis is what I was put on this planet to do.  www.GarageLandRodeo.com I have two beautiful Daughters and they are the Pride & Joy of my life.    They truly are the two things I love most in the world. I have been living in Martinez for almost two years, though it has been a favorite place of mine for much longer than that.   Love the City of Martinez and all its quirks - If you're hanging around Downtown, you will most likely see me, or hear me singing.  Come up and introduce yourself - Im friendly and almost never bite.
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