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My name is Cristobal. I'm 18 years old and my race is hispanic/asian. I've been living in Martinez for 8 years now, and am currently attending the Environmental Studies Academy at Briones. Throughout the years, I've struggled to find a school that would work for me and help me be susccesful, and it seemed all caused too much stress and little support to help out.
As a freshman in highschool, I left public highschool the first semester after my grades and attendance kept decreasing. I attended and Online Highschool for the rest of my freshman and sophmore year, but again had little success and was too far behind in academics to stay there. Not having been accepted to enroll in Alhambra Highschool, I was sent to Vicente, and after I met with the principal, I was reccomended to instead attend and alternative program. Thus I have been a part of the Enviromental Studies Academy in Briones, and with the support and encouragement I received here, I'm well on my way to graduate and be successful in the real world.
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