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My husband, Jerry, and I have lived in our 1926 Tudor cottage since 1973.  We have loved every minute of it.  Watching our neighborhood change over the years has been a joy.  In 1973 we were among the youngest couples and now we are almost the oldest.  We raised two children and they attended all Martinez schools through high school before going to college at Chico State.  They have made beautiful homes for themselves in other small communities of California and have given us four beautiful and amazing grandchildren.  The friends that we have made during our lives here have been special gifts that we both cherish.  Jerry is a retired Contra Costa County Juvenile Probation Officer and I worked at Martinez Travel for 18 years.  When we were first married I was Radiologic Technoligist for 11 years and then when I turned forty, I decided I wanted a change which led me to the travel industry.  We are now both happily retired and enjoying our children and their families.  I now make our own travel reservations.
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