Show Us Your Superbowl Snacks

Do we really care about the two east coast teams, or will be the food be the main attraction for Sunday's big game?

Sure, it's about the commericals, and perhaps for some, even Madonna at half time. But for most of us here in Martinez, still smarting from the sad fact that the 49ers are not in it this year, the Superbowl will be about the food. Snacks. Nosh. 

This may seem a little weird, but we want you to take a picture of your Superbowl spread and send it to us for the gallery. We all love taking pictures with our phone, so indulge us and take a photo of your Superbowl snacks and send it to (925) 216-8356. Or submit your photos directly to our . While you're at it, if you're so inclined, send pictures of the people at your Superbowl party. 

At Martinez Patch headquarters, we'll be trying to figure out just who those two teams are. The Giants has a familiar ring to it (aren't they a baseball team?), but who are these Patriots? Oh well. Go Niners!


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