Ladies And Gentlemen, Presenting Ms. Boyd's Eighth Grade English Carolers

Ms. Boyd's class treated administration and fellow classmates to an original Christmas rap and a classic Christmas carol last week.

Martinez Jr. High eighth grader CJ Johnson wrote a Christmas rap and his teacher, Melissa Boyd, decided to include it in a tour of the school, while her class serenaded other teachers, administrators and fellow students last week.

Martinez Patch got wind of the activities and was there to film a portion of the performance. Here are the lyrics to CJ's rap, since the sound is a little hard to hear:

Just sit back and relax and have some fun,
Cuz it's Christmas baby, your number one.
You got your presents, good times, and the break,
Big dinners, breakfast and buffets.

You got no worries, no hurries, just the holiday,
Family, friends, friends and the parties,
Christmas here New Year is near,
And all we can talk about is the love we share.

Cuz it's Christmas (Christmas)
Gonna have a good time (good time)
There's presents (presents)
And time to unwind (unwind)

You got your family (family)
And the snow (snow)
You can party, do what you want
and just let go (go).

Happy New Year (New Year)
Good times to share (share)
Fireworks (fireworks)
And love in the air (air)

You got your family (family)
And a good show (show)
You can even party, do what you want,
and just let go (go).


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