Tax Day Looms: File By April 17

The traditional April 15 tax deadline has been pushed back two days this year, so there's still time to get your filing done by Tuesday.

If your 2011 returns were filed months ago and you've already cashed your rebate or mailed a check to the IRS, then you'll be breathing easy this weekend as Tax Day approaches.

But for the few who waited until the last minute — here it is. You 2011 tax return must be filed by Tuesday, April 17 this year. Miss the deadline and pay a penalty and interest

Tax preparation services are offered right here in Martinez up until the eleventh hour. Here's a few of the local tax firms you can find in our directory:

, 3800 Vista Oaks Dr, Tel: 925-335-2500

, 841 Arnold Dr, Martinez, Tel: 925-372-3722

, 535 Main St, Martinez, Tel: 925-228-4485

, 1110 Alhambra Ave, Martinez, Tel: 925-228-2281

, 3755 Alhambra Ave, Martinez, Tel: 925-372-0759

Taxpayers can electronically file federal returns for free the IRS website. California income tax returns can be electronically filed at the Franchise Tax Board's website.

For relatively simple situations, there's always online services like TurboTax, which offers free filing for one federal return and $40 for a state return. Deluxe and premium services are available at a higher rate.

When did you file your 2011 return and how? Are you one of the latecomers? Let us know in the comments below.


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