Slick New BART Trains Coming Soon?

BART released a report Monday on the design of its planned second-generation fleet of cars based on feedback from nearly 10,000 riders. More feedback is still being sought.

BART says its next generation of cars, now being designed to replace the aging original fleet, will have more doors, exterior places to display community art and better signs showing the trains' destinations. 

Gone will be the fabric-covered seats, though the cushions will remain and will be covered with a "wipeable," more easily cleaned material, according a BART report issued Monday.

And that's a good thing. Some of you may remember the report by the Bay Citzen about BART's cushioned seats containing fecal matter and skin-borne bacteria.

Also in the new cars, the carpeted floors will be replaced by rubber-like flooring, and the PA system in the stations will be improved.

Most of BART's aging fleet dates back four decades, when the transit agency first began operations.

BART is still seeking feedback on the new fleet's design.

"Over the next few years, the designs will continue to evolve to ensure that the next generation of BART trains is reliable, cost effective, and comfortable for our riders," the agency said in a news release. "To ensure that the new BART train cars meet your requirements, we need your continued input.  As you read through this report, please note your questions and comments and submit them to us through our email feedback form, or email them to us at FOFdesign@bart.gov."


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