Radke Still The Top Fundraiser In Martinez Council Race

Dylan Radke has raised the most money so far, followed closely by Annamarie Farias.

The race for two seats on the Martinez City Council continues, as five candidates, including one incumbent, seek election next week.

Dylan Radke continues to lead the pack of city council candidates when it comes to raising money, according to the latest campaign filing statements. Radke has so far raised a total of $28,084, and spent $22,902. His donors include

  • Jean O’Neil, retired: $3,000
  • Operating Engineers Local 3: $1,000
  • Radke’s law firm Gordon, Watrous: $1,000
  • Chad Conkle, Sales, Saba: $750
  • Civic Property Group, WC: $500
  • Meadow Creek Group, Concord: $500
  • Turnbaugh Group: $250

Annamarie Farias is not far behind Radke, having raised a total of $22,247. She has spent $13,742 so far. Her donors include:

  • Frederick Parker, Retiree: $1,000
  • Martinez Mayor Robert Schroder: $1,000
  • Penn Keller: $1,000
  • Downtown property owner Earl Dunnivan: $1,000
  • 88/12, Garaventa Family Partnership: $1,000
  • Mt. Diablo Paper Stock, Concord: $1,000 (shares the same address as 88/12)
  • Jerry Charles, retired: $950
  • International Association of Firefighters Local #1230 PAC: $500
  • Metropolitan Van and Storage, Benicia: $500
  • Civic Property Group, Walnut Creek: $500
  • Meadow Creek Group, LLC, Concord: $500
  • Foxwood Community, LLC, Pleasant Hill: $500
  • Republic Services, Inc., Arizona: $500

Incumbent Mark Ross has received a total of $6,885 in contributions, and spent $3,328. His donors include:

  • Jordon Family Trust: $500
  • Gordon Keller Law Firm: $500
  • Attorney Scott Gordon: $500
  • Developer Southport Land and Commercial: $200
  • Attorney Colin Coffey, Hercules: $100

Arsenio Escudero has raised a total of $665, and spent $552. He shows no donors for this period.  

Candidate Mike Alford did not file campaign finance statements. He has declared that he will not raise or spend more than $1,000 during the election. 

MIKE ALFORD November 03, 2012 at 07:51 AM
Lets see Now ------ Garaventa Famely Partnership,Mt Diablo Paper stock & Republic Services Inc. Airzona ----- All part of the same group Our Garbage Service (A.W.Waste in Pacheco) == Of Which our City signs very Expensive long term contracts with ! ------- And agane now ---- Were Right back with the Dunnivans --- Downtown Property owner Earl Dunnivan (no kidding) Penn Keller(Owner of the building Where All Of Your Votes will be counted) Earl Dunnivans brother in law & Partner, & Metropolitan Van & Storage in Benicia, Now Just add that all up right there ! doesnt Well Make you Think ? you know just a Little Bit ! Why would The Dunnivans ( I Havent Gotten To The Rest Yet) Put So much money behind Anamarie Farias ?? Well we will Brake this all down by Sunday --- We Will put it all together --- And you will see once and for all Developments, Deny (a Whole lot of densenty) and a lot of money ! No way I could get all of the Players in this one post ! and You will See Why They HAVE to have Anamarie On that City Counsel ---- And you will See Whos MoneyIs Going To Be Spent ! I will give You a Hint -------- YOU The Taxpayer & Voter !
Dave Thomas November 04, 2012 at 06:43 AM
Mike.... gotta luv your devotion to the rank and file citizens instead of the power brokers & your common sense but dam u write in a disorganized manner. I understand what you are saying. ITS THE MESSAGE THAT COUNTS. In Martinez a council person has "pay back" and its the money combined with an under the table secret agreements & accomidations. The big spenders OWE Seno (and he will get pay back or else) with the Dunnivans. Looks like the entire city council wants clones in office. Soon by over ruling the recommendation of the planning commission the council will eliminate the one RV storage we have AFTER passing an ordinance preventing people from parking their boat, trailer, camper or RV on their property. These same clones supported borrowing millions making our interest expense from 50,000 to 1 mil a year. These same people were on the Marina Commission and the Marina is still a mess. They raised $25,000 for a $7,000 job. At least of we elect you and Arsenio there will be two people who have not been bought by SHELL and the DEVELOPERS. No matter what anyone says... the city will only get better if we elect the under dogs who owe allegence ONLY to the residents.
Dave Thomas November 04, 2012 at 07:06 AM
One last thing Mike you said you were concerned about how money was spent. You discussed the budget and I think I have a better understanding about the 3.3 million in over charges for Martinez Water. Your 3.3 is a low number TRY 13 million! Have you looked at page 86 of the 2012 budget or is that a part of what you were discussing? The budget lacks details which is annoying. One detail you mentioned was that the city has ON DEMAND money. Why does the council still refuse to pay the state back? We would still have 23.5 million. We tell our kids "always pay your debts" and tr to teach them honesty. The council shows our klds another approach. Claim to the state we do not have any money to pay the loans back and maybe they will buy into that but as said by Mark Ross in so many words... To hell with them lets just default! Its all about truth, justice and the American way. Shell pays 10 mil a year to get their American way followed by Seno and the Dunnivans. I want to see their birth certificates as buying council people is UN-AMERICAN.or am I just getting too old and remembering the time when your word was your bond and a handshake was a contract. What I see in this election is people saying what they think we want to hear. Money talks very loud and will YELL for the next 4 years if the clones are elected.
MIKE ALFORD November 04, 2012 at 07:21 AM
Have you ever been to a Martinez city counsel meeting ? you seem to a few things about Martinez politics ----- where in the heck have you been, you are the type of citizen that we really need to have at those meetings (and I am going to start writing in small letters) that writing you just did now I see why some people get on me it is kind of distracting ! ------ really you should start comming to the best city counsel meetings and see for yourself the best city counsel that money can buy ! and thats a pure fact ! -------- and I really did like what you wrote about the storage lot for R.Vs ---- Thats right put a real strict ordence in Martinez about moter homes ---- than with every bit of their super staff & thousands of dollars worth of over paid consultants get rid of the only (and I mean Only) RV storage in Martinez ! makes a whole lot of sense -------- dosent it ! ---
MIKE ALFORD November 04, 2012 at 07:52 AM
I agree with every thing with one exception (it wasnt Ross that said that we shouldnt pay them (the state) that was Mike Mennisni ! always give credit where credit is due ! I can assure you Ross would never have said that ----- No that was Michael ! (remember it well) ---- You keep refering to Seeno & Dunivans ? hell give credit where credit is due ( I always say) and I always do ! you are leaving out Busbys and dont ever underestamate the real Man with the plan ! Gus !!! ---- but I will say he is a gentleman (and a scholar) truley he has forgotten more than most teachers will ever learn --- yea you got to tell iy like it is and give credit where its due !
Dave Thomas November 04, 2012 at 08:14 PM
ITS THE MESSAGE THAT IS MOST IMPORTANT mike alford WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS! I would like to be able to communicate with an EXPERT before I say something stupid AGAIN Mike you have been present at more council meetings that the city council. They had were not absent they were "excused". I have verified your claims through sources I have and you are totally correct. You need to slow down, a bit, BUT it is the message that counts. I apologize to sleepy Ross who, in my opinion says no when he really means yes. Did he oppose the right of residents to own a boat, trailer, or RV and park it in a place authorized by the State of California? If he did not oppose it he promoted it. Why did he promote it when there were no complaints? He did it for Messini who we can remove in 2014. Did he set the water rate and approve OVERCHARGING residents 3 million 300 thousand dollars a year for water? yes he did! Does he know that there is a 2 million dollar petty cash fund? yes he does! Does he object to the Grand Jury Report which showed abuses by the City Council? NO... he directed the responses Grand Jury "mind your own business". Writing he is like the 3 minute comment and leave at council meetings! and now come before us the Radke/Ferris team. Clones of clones Who are supported 100% by this self centered abusive council and have been purchased by the money brokers. Ross gave us his message. Now we need to give him our message.
Dave Thomas November 05, 2012 at 01:49 AM
I just go an email spammer? Mark Ross is corrupt and it came from Annamarie. Did you get one?
Chris J Kapsalis November 05, 2012 at 01:55 AM
I garuntee you if it says it came from Annamarie it did not come from Annamarie.
MIKE ALFORD November 05, 2012 at 04:36 AM
no I didnt get one Ive heard about people getting emails but when you det these deadbeats changing there names right here in front of you right here on the patch than anyone could have sent it ? but why hasent anyone said anything about Anamarie and the police campaining on your dollar with the robo calls ? it was generated at the Martinez Police station When has this ever happend before ?? anybody Know ? you know its really strange I went and stuck up for the Martinez PD --- 6 different times to the City counsel & Phillip Vince to get their contracts signed because I always thought supporting the police & Emergency services were worth standing up for ! but look who they come out and back ! a person that never went to city counsel meetings hell she couldent even make it to the planning commission meetings ! anyway Mr thomas --- My Email is --- M10150@aol.com ---- Oh yea --- Its ok to use Capital Letters if you want and I can assure you no little pain in the rear will be able to follow you or make a fool of its self on my e mail ---------------
Dylan Radke November 05, 2012 at 04:53 AM
Mark has had at least three anonymous emails attacking him, and last week there was an email attacking me, which was published in today's Gazette, from woman by the name of Brandi Cizmich. It seems that there is one candidate has not been subjected to email attacks. In Ms. Cizmich's email she falsely claims that I am a “condemnation” attorney on contract with the County of Contra Costa. She also identified herself as a member of an organization called Citizens for a Better Martinez. The last time anyone has heard of this organization was right before the 2010 City Council election where some anonymous person from this group sent emails attacking opponents of Councilperson Lara Delaney (see several Martinez News Gazette letters in October 2010). So it shouldn't be a surprise that two years later this group resurfaces attacking an opponent of the candidate supported by Councilperson Delaney. To be clear Ms. Cizmich’s claim is a blatant lie. The truth is that I am not a condemnation attorney, I have never been involved in a condemnation case, nor have I ever taken away anyone’s private property rights. Ms. Cizmich and those behind her owe the voters of Martinez the truth about candidates, not false attacks.
MIKE ALFORD November 05, 2012 at 05:49 AM
I read the Crap that was written about you today Believe me No One that knows anything about you and what you do as an attorney would ever listen to that ! I never heard of Ms Cizmich ? Verrilli came out today and jumped on me about telling the truth from real facts about Anamarie you know Verrilli is a real strange one the guy has called me, talked to me for years (last 5 years) had me over to his house 7 or 8 times always asking me what I know or did I know what was behind stuff that was going on at city hall and why they wouldnt listen to the citizens yes mr. Verrilli has asked me back in Sept he asked me if I was going to go and be interviewed by the democrat committe he said it would be comming up and that he knew I was a democrat I came right out and asked him I said what kind of a chance do you think I would have on being endorsed he said none because they were going to endorse Anamarie and I responed by saying Rich how do you know that we havent even been called in yet well he said Im on the committe and I responded Well than whats the good of even going there for me)he came right back with the answer Mike I have Two Votes There were two people stocking the isle #8 at Safeway on Alhambra that day they know me and they said they overheard us Verrilli & myself talking they said how could he have known that I replyed You heard what he said He is on the Committe they said how can that be fair ? And he had the nerve today to say in the paper the likes of Mike Alford
MIKE ALFORD November 05, 2012 at 05:52 AM
The good thing is This will all be over Tuesday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave Thomas November 06, 2012 at 06:36 AM
Mike the real GOOD THUNG would be if the top spender RADKE and the person who refused to accept money, MIKE ALFORD, were elected. Two attorneys on the council and one person not obligated to PAYBACK supporters who knows how to find the cap(s) lock key. Ha HA! WOW with 2 attorney's on the City council there is NO NEED to have a city attorney collecting half a million dollars a year I am certain Messini and Radke are as smart as the bugger sucking up millions a year representing not only Martinez but also other cities. Would luv to see his billings. BETCHA he bills Martinez and other cities 600 hours a week. In another post ALFORD mentioned it was odd the City of Martinez had on the payroll TWO attorneys when most similar cities contracted on a as needed basis or had one attorney paid much less. QUITE NORMAL This is Martinez. I received an email from CBM (sponsored by Gazette) who did a telephone poll and indicated that ALFORD was winning the popular vote tied with Radke. A very close second was AnnaMarie with Mark Ross and Arsenio closley trailing. Dylan.... Mike announce a victory party. With council approval you could have the party at a business in the city limits of Martinez! Your idea "buy local" Mike could be mandatory so maybe at your first council meeting announce to all local business that the City will buy ONLY from businesses located in the city. EVERYTHING from vehicles to bottled water. Watch the council squirm 'cause you messin up paybacks!
MIKE ALFORD November 06, 2012 at 07:05 AM
What was it Gus use to say ----- I know everybody go out and Vote ! Vote Once And Vote Often !!! ------ Hey Who Is Going To Be Watching and Keeping Tabs On The Election Department ? You Guys Know Who Owns That Building Where They Count The Votes Dont You ----- Well it is owned by Pen Keller & Earl Dunivan ----- well just a thought --- I wouldnt want to hear that Anamarie just Ran Away with all the Votes ------ Rest Easey Folks Remember When I Said The Pacheco Annex Was Not going To Go Through (I Kept My Word It Didnt) Now Let Me Just Saythere Will Be Some Very Special People Watching The Count & The Computer Hook ups As Well as The Mail in VOTES --- Oh Yea I Guess Dam I forgot to Put This up Last Week ! There Will Be An Inlighting So To Say --- Watch
Dave Thomas November 06, 2012 at 05:57 PM
So strange... politics everywhere! Went out to dinner last night at La Tapioca (near the Magic Show) pretty good food. There was a lady there who said her neighbor asked for "public documents" about Ross. Things like compensation, letters written, contracts signed and even emails. The City of Martinez refused Public Documents. He then tried the same with outgoing council person Kennedy. The City refused. OK...Council hiding stuff BUT the Chief of Police giving one candidate access to the POLICE autodialer? NO denials so it is true. THAT IS CORRUPTION in the Police Dept. Shell pays for all mailers (QUIETLY) for their candidate ROSS.. Annamarie is so desperate she attacks Ross with phoney emails and public information is NOT PUBLIC as it might damage a person (ROSS) who is running for office. Radke brags he is from a family of Past Martinez Councilmen. Like father like son. Our votes will be counted in the power brokers home. THE BEST COUNCIL MONEY CAN BUY. I want my city back! A nice "bedroom" community with nice families. Skip the Messinni attitude "I brought 500 new businesses into Martinez" or Senos plan of creating a "Subsidized Housing Project". We need new blood. Term Limits. Max total contributions $2,000. Only Alford offers a change AND Arsenio with a bachelor’s degree in international affairs with a minor in economics, and master’s degrees in public administration and political science is a new face. Same O or a new 21st century direction?


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