Rachel Ford Will Seek A City Council Seat In November

The present chair of the Planning Commission believes the city needs to focus its vision on the future.


Planning Commission Chair Rachael Ford will seek one of the two City Council seats that are up for grabs in November, she told Patch last week.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, going back and forth, questioning the kind of work that can be achieved on the council, but the last several months there has been more leadership. That helped me decide to run,” she said.

Specifically, Ford said it was the traffic circulation and outdoor dining issues that led her to believe she could work with the council. Ford was active in the push to return the 500 block of Main St. to a two-way configuration, and to create more outdoor dining platforms downtown.

“I was surprised by how disenfranchised residents and some merchants feel,” she said. “It felt good to talk to them.”

Ford said one of her biggest issues is shaping the town to move into the future.

“For me, that would be developing a viable business base in Martinez that replaces the industrial and county workers that are leaving,” she said. “Also, how do we attract younger families into Martinez?”

She said that a series of strong partnerships with other agencies will be the key to a successful Marina, which she called a “huge asset.”

Ford has lived in Martinez since 1999, and “from what I’ve seen, you have groups dug in on both sides of the spectrum. There is an unwillingness to compromise – it’s all or nothing. Ultimately, that’s not a win for the community at large. There’s a  much larger group in the middle that has bowed out because things are so contentious. When you go into the neighborhoods and get away from the factions, you get a very different perspective. There’s a lot of common ground. I’m a big proponent of trying to get people involved.”

Ford was appointed to the Planning Commission in 2008.

Dylan Radke, chair of the Park, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission, has indicated he will also run for council this year.

Meanwhile, incumbent Janet Kennedy said she will not seek another term this year, leaving at least one seat open. Councilman Mark Ross’ seat is also expiring this year, and he is expecting to seek another term. 

Thisisnot A. Pipe July 19, 2012 at 06:04 AM
No Comment.
morning glory July 19, 2012 at 05:40 PM
Marshall Cochrane July 19, 2012 at 08:06 PM
After viewing Ms. Ford in action at Planning Commission Meetings it appears that her philsophy is," my way or the highway." I do not believe that Ms. Ford would represent the views of the people if she has a divergent view on an issue...I think that: • She supported the Alhambra Hills Development. • She supported creating a Redevelopment agency in Martinez • She supported the Senior Center Project on Berrellessa next to the railroad tracks. • She supported an interpretation that listed a Lice Center as a “hair salon.” • She sponsored a failed effort to use one of the Zoochi buildings as a Delta Research operation. if Ms. Ford was elected to the city council we know what we would be getting. She is not bashful in relating her views on the direction of the city. However, she is abrasive and (this is my point of view) dismissive of thoughts which might oppose her point of view. So here is the deal, if we want to put another person on the city council with a verified track record of ignoring what’s important to us citizens of Martinez, then vote for Ms. Ford.
Hope Savage August 07, 2012 at 04:57 PM
Ms. Ford is NOT fit for public office of any kind, in my opinion. She verbally attacked me at a public event this spring in front of 50 people because of an opinion I wrote in Patch about her influence in Martinez, cussing and shaking. threatening that there would be repercussions against me and my bandmate who owns a store downtown. She refused to stop even after I walked into restaurant, swearing at me and threatening to sue me for my opinion. When I told her she was scaring my baby granddaughter she sneered.She still didn't stop and followed me back outside. I should have had her arrested and will if she approaches me again. In my opinion, you couldn't choose a worse candidate for city council. She personifies everything that is wrong about our city government. A lack of regard for the opinions of citizens and getting your own way by bullying people. I advised the mayor of her behavior but he didn't feel it was worth a reply. Want the same mess to continue here in Martinez? Then vote for her


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