Mosquito Fogging Planned Wednesday in Martinez, Discovery Bay

Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District crews will fog parts of Martinez and Discovery Bay on Wednesday after more birds and mosquitoes found in the area tested positive for the West Nile virus.

Insecticide will be sprayed from trucks between 5:30 a.m. and 6:50 a.m. in an area of Discovery Bay bounded on the west by Channel and Cherry Hill drives, on the east by unincorporated farmland, on the north by Marina Road and on the south by Wayfarer Drive and Cherry Hills Road, according to district officials.

In Martinez, crews will fog the waterfront area bordered on the east by Pacheco Creek, on the west by Ferry Street, on the north by the Carquinez Strait and on the south by Marina Vista Avenue and Waterfront Road between about 8:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. Wednesday.

The fogging was prompted by the recent discovery of groups of mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus in both Martinez and Discovery Bay as well as three dead birds found this week in Oakley, Antioch and Brentwood that tested positive for the disease, according to district officials.

"Our surveillance efforts indicate that fogging is necessary to protect people," district spokeswoman Deborah Bass said.

"Once the adult mosquitoes have the virus, they are capable of infecting people. It only takes one bite and everyone is susceptible," she said.

While most people infected with West Nile virus don't exhibit symptoms, more serious cases can manifest in fever, rash, head and body aches, fatigue, vomiting and diarrhea and in rare cases, death.

Residents are encouraged to do their part to protect themselves against the virus by wearing mosquito repellent while outdoors and avoiding being outdoors when mosquitoes are most prevalent - usually dawn and dusk.

Another important safeguard against mosquitoes is dumping or draining any standing water, which attracts the pests.

Neglected swimming pools are major mosquito magnets and residents are asked to report them by calling (925) 771-6195.

The public is also encouraged report dead birds, which can then be tested for the virus, to the state hotline at (877) 968-2473 or at www.westnile.ca.gov.

--Bay City News

Dixie Hoxter Sala July 16, 2014 at 09:16 AM
Wish they would fog the Pacheco/Vine Hill area. Tons of mosquitoes in our area. We are constantly getting bit.
Bill Schilz July 16, 2014 at 05:00 PM
Dixie, call CCC Vector Control at 685-9301. They are very responsive!
Bill Schilz July 16, 2014 at 05:03 PM
I had a concern for the homeless in the marina area of Martinez and was happy to find out that the spraying would have NO ill effects on a human being... in fact the woman I spoke to said she has been directly sprayed each year for13 years just to prove to the public there is nothing that can harm humans. Nothing needs to be cleaned up or disposed of after a fogging.
Karen July 22, 2014 at 11:49 PM
I live next to Alhambra Creek and used to be bothered by Mosquitos, but years ago I bought a machine that kills them all! I bought the biggest machine and it protects up to 2 acres, so it helps my neighbors too! We've taken back the dawn and dusk! How can such a little creature cause so much trouble!
Chris Kapsalis July 23, 2014 at 06:56 AM
The first thing they had to do to build the Panama canal was get rid of the mosquitoes. Workers were dying faster than they could be replaced from malaria. West Nile imo is an over blown fear. but mosquitoes are definitely a pest. I don't mind them fogging, but people do have to realize misquote larva is a critical part of the food chain and ecosystem.. Even dragon fly larva feed on the, small fish, birds eat them, and larger birds eat them and so on, all the way up the ladder to Deer and mountain lions. So we need them. The only come out for a short time on mild mornings and warm evenings, and are gone all night and day, except maybe under Oak Trees. Also if you keep moving, say working, you rarely get bit. It is when you stop you get bit. Long sleeves, I cannot remember the last time I got a mosquito bit myself and I am, out at the peak times almost everyday. And west Nile? You stand a 700 times great chance dying of the flu. So be 700 times more concerned when you shake someone's hand or use a door nob than if you see a dead bird. I have even had comments deleted pointing this out. Lot's of money in fear... West Nile and the mosquito are the great white shark of the insect world these days. WAY over blown. Just has a scary name imo, Nile, and comes from the same insect that brought malaria, an actual killer, that makes it so scary to so many and played up by the media every year. In fact Bee stings kill more people. But do you see the media attention about bees and bee stings? No. And that is regular old honey bees.. So relax and don't freak out if you see a dead bird. Boards die sometimes. I could give you the numbers, but the odds of getting west Nile, and dying from it are next to Zero. Even if you get bit every day ten times a day.


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