Martinez May Manage The Pacheco Transit Hub Project

Despite the failure of the North Pacheco annexation, the city will coordinate the $2.6 million project.

One of the drivers for the proposed North Pacheco annexation by the City of Martinez, which failed by one vote last month, was the city's participation in the $2.6 million makeover of the Park & Ride lot at the corner of Pacheco Blvd. and Blum Rd. Though the annexation bid failed, the city is still being asked to manage the project. 

Sponsored by the Contra Costa County Transit Authority, in conjunction with Caltrans and the County Connection, the project would transform a modest parking lot into a facility that would include bike lockers, a bus transfer point and other transportation amenities. 

The city is being asked to coordinate the project, though there are still details to be worked out, according to a story in the Contra Costa Times.

"It's not a done deal yet," said city engineer Tim Tucker on Monday. "We're still working with city attorney on all the details."

Tucker said the city's participation is predicated on its familiarity with managing large-scale construction projects.

"CCCTA is very good at running buses and bus schedules, but not necessarily good at running construction projects," Tucker said. "It's an important project, and it’s not that unusual for agencies to help each other out, so we're stepping up to the plate."

MIKE ALFORD September 25, 2012 at 03:48 AM
well --- what makes you think they havent ? there is a lot more going on here ! and the people of Martinez better wake-up --- When the people of north pacheco voted against coming into the city of Martinez !! That should have been IT ! ----- Mabey --- Its to take the attenion as far away from the Martinez marina -- Or the Pine Meadows Golf course --- because if they get their way Well by putting Town homes or condos --- Well we can change the name ---- To Pine Gettoes !! after all Just think of all the children & Traffic that would be there on center !!! --- Oh Well --- 3 or 400 more there --- Lets see now Where would they go to schools would they go to --- Now dont even count the 90 homes or condos next to Nob Hill or the 50 Apartments on Shell ( Cascra Canyon ) ---- Just thinkThere Could be Mabey --- well Mabey 7 or mabey 800 more children all within less than a mile --- DO YOU ---Think Our Schools could take This Influx --- NO WAY ! but people dont Ask Anything About This -- Dont you Dare ! --- Just DONT ASK QUESTIONS ! --- Remember Your City Counsel Knows What Is Best For YOU ! --- Hell Take A Look At Just Far We Have Come With The Martinez Marina !!
Marshall Cochrane September 26, 2012 at 11:25 PM
I do not see how managing this Transit hub project for CCCTA will directly benefit the citizens of Martinez...I do not believe that city employees will play a hands-on project management role but will outsource the planning and construction management of this project. If there is a quid pro quo then someone should describe it. If not, then we should be channeling our resources to solve the marina puzzle.
MIKE ALFORD September 28, 2012 at 05:03 AM
Well Once agane we are on a path that makes us realize that we are in dire need of real leadership ! this makes NO sense ? why would we send our city staff to work on a project that has nothing to with the city of Martinez TAXPAYERS money ? Dont we have projects going on in downtown Martinez ? Dont we need our streets taken care of ( paved ) what about the marina ? ---- Are We In The Twlight Zone ? Cant you people See Whats Going on ?? Our leadership Has abandoned what little common sense or responsibilty it owes the taxpayers of this City ? You know in the last 7 years Ive put in time Learning ,Listening and Speaking OUT & UP for the Citizens of Martinez -- Finding out Facts --- and bringing right to the city counsel ! See Ive Learned just how and Who the Players are ! its about Time That you all know And to Bring ALL of This Out Into The Open! YOU people have to step up ! Stand Up ! and just see what is and has been going on !!! Really See Who The Real Puppet Masters Are -Why Our Marina has stalled why and where the millions of dollars of your tax dollars have gone ! And Why We Had to Vote for a 30,000,000 bond for our parks And Right Now ! They are taking YOUR Staff Hired by Martinez Paid For with your TAX dollars And put them on a County Project ! Does That Make Any Sense At All ask yourself When our staff is working out there on a county project -- Who Will Replace our staff that they will be USING ? And who Will Be Paying There Medical Insurance ?? YOU WILL !
MIKE ALFORD September 28, 2012 at 05:34 AM
YOU KNOW What ---- Its Time to just Show you why We Cant move foward And Who the people are that have kept us in a time warp !! I Think Im Going To have some of those coffies eye to eye sit downs with any & all the citizens that want to know facts and learn why These Special intrest people Dont Want you to know What And why They are doing --- And Who They Are Supporting And Just How They Are paying and putting them into positions of power ! Ever wonder how a hunderd people can show up at a meeting (city Counsel) all of you standup and Say NO ! to a project - ( NO from the citizens you the TAX payers ) And They Look Right At All Of YOU ----- And Vote --- YES ! This Has To Come TO An END ---- This is Your CITY ----They Work for YOU !! ---- I Would NEVER Let This Happen-- NEVER ---- THEY WORK AND ANSWER TO YOU -- Mike Alford
Melinda October 01, 2012 at 04:53 AM
Here-here, Mike! I agree with you, entirely. The City of Martinez does not have employees with the knowledge or experience to manage the marina, so they contracted the management out to a company. That company is destroying the marina, and sinking CASH in their pockets. Why? Because the City of Martinez does not have employees with the knowledge, or experience to oversee the contract with the management company. What makes the City think they they are qualified to spend Martinez' money (our money) to contract out a project that is not even within the Martinez City limits? Have you ever heard of "Kick-backs"? Sounds like it to me; In both instances!


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