Live Streaming Tonight Of City Council Candidate Forum

The five candidates will face off at the Performing Arts Center beginning at 7 p.m.

Tonight the Martinez Chamber of Commerce is hosting a City Council Candiate Forum at the Alhambra High Performing Arts Center, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. The forum will be moderated by Jim Caroompas, editor of Martinez Patch, and the event will be streamed live on Martinez Patch.

The candidates—incumbent Mark Ross, Anamarie Farias, Dylan Radke, Mike Alford, and Arsenio Escudero—will answer a series of questions prepared by Lisa Vorderbrueggen of the Contra Costa Times and Caroompas, as well as selected questions submitted by the audience. There are two seats open on the council.

The city treasurer is also a race this year, with incumbent Carolyn Robinson facing challenger Charles Martin. 

Jim Caroompas October 29, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Mike, Linda and Chris: You've all had your opportunity to take your personal shots. Now it needs to stop. Further personal attacks won't be tolerated. Please stick to the issues and stop calling each other out by name. It goes nowhere and benefits no one. If you can't adhere to that, you will be suspended.
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 29, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Hay a COWARD Is Here..That is YOU LINDA: Please answer! DONALD E. BARKLEY 8:19 pm on Saturday, October 6, 2012 Linda please enlighten me as to my erroneous assumptions! That may help clarify things... I TY in advance! Now if you are part of an "official" ad-hoc committee to bring in investors/ when was it started? If you have "just gone off on your own" and are making proposals' /// please let us know what you have promised and said!! If the "Essential Component" is a vibrant marina/ as we have never been able to sustain one yet, without TAXPAYER"S footing a bill, "Massively larger than the return"! Again.. is that what you have "facilitated"? also who is the "Responsible Party or Parties" in these delicate negotiations between business to municipality, business to state, business to state agencies? I would love and want "Marina Docking".... but only if it is sustainable! Donald E. Barkley
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 30, 2012 at 04:55 AM
How did a compliment from a. Alford turn into a massive critique on his grammar, spelling and other such truly inconsequential things! That indeed he is the "Jackson Pollack" of typing has merit, however is it not ideas not "cap's and spelling" that are the true essence?? should we do away with Egyptian hieroglyphs, as they "don't follow, what the 25+ years of "Internet speak"! Would you ignore a paper by Stephen Hawking as "Improper"? Get off this elf proclaimed "Maker's of the "new and ...Polite rules of typing"! In Thousands of years of "written communication and language"// Now self proclaimed "INTERNET SNOBS" have redefined what is "Correct"! .. Can you really hear a "CAPITAL LETTER" as compared to "lower case". Get real and be concerned with the...gee what is that.. ohh ... The IDEAS! Donald E. Barkley
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 31, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Mr. Alford:Also Other CANDIDATES If YOU CARE;/ Mike I have known you off and on for years (not odd as we both grew up in martinez) and I have listened to your Know this I consider Jim Busby (Gentleman Jim, and that is how I view him) and Gus Kramer (the toughest election he ever had for County Assessor) was against a man that had already passed away! I supported Gus then and have sense, he play's hard but you know where you stand! So with that in mind and I ask that they not be portrayed as (especially as today is Halloween) some excessive "bogeymen" .. rather one a businessman and the other a politician and Public servant!! As I know these men and won't be swayed please "Let me in on where Martinez as a City stands, and can do better"! Go ahead and mention JIM and GUS if you must,"they can take it" (Gus may enjoy the public discourse)! Also know that if they come up, after I shall still Like them! However if I didn't state my long Liking of both, would be disloyal and a sham! In a sentence I ask..please "Lay out a future for Martinez"/ Take as many posts as necessary! It seem's Other Candidates are simply not addressing the issues! I have two votes so let's get to it! ty Donald E. Barkley
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 31, 2012 at 11:06 AM
L MEZA: Why do you not have the simple decency to answer the statement's you made about me! Also to answer as to just "WHAT THE HECK" You were doing acting.as it becomes clearer as an AGENT of MARTINEZ... with Zero Guidance or Permission from our Elected Officials! Does "ACTING GOOFY" (and people I am sorry that I am talking with what "MAY SEEM" Disrespectful manner's/ However Ms MEZA has attacked ME and then RAN like a Coward)! Plus She seems to have PLEDGED TAX Payer Dollars, On some "Secret Scheme"! She Won't Answer on here To what she said! Maybe MARK ROSS, or any Council Member can tell me, When she was appointed to some AD-HOc, committee..that she was enameled to engage in "very time sensitive matter's"...and when is her next "report due"! Mark This is sure not aimed at you/I Fear it is/a "Black Op? DEAL! so Boooooo /I Was trying To SCARE THE TRUTH FROM OUT OF YOU! Hmm The "Offended Party" in one and TAXPAYER FRIEND in the Second! Please L MEZA don't just change name// and beat and just drone on about Alford's (aka "Pollack Spelling)! Either way.. You also have a safe Halloween just please answer! /no not as Dramatic as the "Sky Writing" In the "Wizard of Oz"!! Just in (Secret ink on here.just as I am using..so nobody else can see..ok) Come on people Humor her Donald E. Barkley:


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