Candidate Finance Statements: Radke Raises The Most, Followed By Farias

Council candidate Dylan Radke has raised nearly $20,000 in his bid for one of two available council seats in November.


 City Council candidate Dylan Radke has raised and spent the most money of the Martinez City Council candidates, according to recently released campaign statements.

Candidate Mike Alford has raised and spent the least.

Radke has raised a total of $19,599 so far, with major contributors including local unions and individuals, mostly from Martinez, though some contributors, including retired California Nurses Association president Donna Gerber are from outside the city.

Coming in second in contributions and expenditures is Annamarie Avia Farias, who has raised a total of $8,553, and spent a total of $10,390. Farias has received major contributions from Friends of Lara DeLaney, the San Francisco-based progressive political action committee PowerPAC, Earl Dunivan, the Kramer Family Trust, local attorney Scott Gordon and the Walnut Creek-based Civic Property Group, Inc.

Councilman Mark Ross, the only incumbent seeking reelection, loaned himself $1,750 and raised $200 from Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, and received $100 from the Diablo Valley Democratic Club.

Arsenio Escudero raised $665, including two contributions from Benicia contributors. He was spent $452.50.

Mike Alford, who has run for office several times before, has signed a statement saying he will not raise or spend over $1,000 for the campaign.

The candidate statements are attached. Here are some of the highlights from those statements:

Dylan Radke

Total cash raised: $19,599

Total spent: $11,232


Ted Radke: $1,500

Gail Murray for BART Board: $1,000

IBEW Local 302: $1,500

UA Local 159: $750

Laborer’s International Local 324: $750

William Schiltz: $700

Chad Conkle: $625

Alan DeFraga: $500

Donna Gerber, SF: $500

Kay Cox: $500

Paul Craig: $500

Annamarie Avia Farias

Total cash raised: $8,553

Total spent: $10,390

Major contributors:

Friends of Lara DeLaney - $1,000

Andrew Wong, PowerPAC - $500

PowerPAC Voter Fund - $1000

Earl D. Dunivan - $250

Dunivan and Dunivan - $250

Dunivan and Bisio - $250

Kramer Family Trust - $800

Civic Property Group, Inc., WC -  $500

Gordon and Keller Partnership, WC - $500

The Bowlby Group, Danville - $150

Scott Gordon - $500

Mark Ross:

Total cash raised: $2,100

Total spent: $3,148


Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley: $250

Diablo Valley Democratic Club: $100

Arsenio Escudero

Total cash raised: $665

Total spent: $452.50


$200 – Cecilia Belmonte, Associaton of American Nursing, Benicia

$100 – Carmencita Belmonte, retired nurse, Benicia

$100 – Diablo Valley Democratic Club

Mike Alford:

Raised less than $1,000 and will spend less than $1,000

Ed. note: An earlier version of this story erroneously indicated that Arsenio Escudero loaned himself $1,750. That was an editing error, and has been corrected. I apologize for the error.

MIKE ALFORD October 28, 2012 at 11:49 PM
you know --- right now --- voters & citizens of martinez pay attintion to Anamire Farias--- They ( Dinivans,Busbys,Seenos) Have to have her elected ! they have to they have put thousands of dollars to get her on the city counsel she is the Main link to low cost housing & high denesity development in martinez ! this is why Janet Kennedy is still working with the affordable housing (goverment housing) along with Lara Delaney ! Stop,Look & Listen ! Do you think that Dunivens,Busbys,Seenos and Gus Krammer have Spent thousands & thousands of Dollars on Rob,Mike,Lara & Janet Kennedy in the last 10 years because these people care about your property values (ha) no its all about Building More & More High Denesty Housing ---- those are Pure Facts ! Just Think If You Elect Anamarie ? Just think of how much your propertys Will Be Worth --


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