Alford Keeps Eye on Taxpayer Dollars

Patch asked each of the Martinez City Council candidates how they would handle challenges, what they like about the city, and what qualifies them to serve.

Four challengers join incumbent Mark Ross in a race for a seat on the Martinez City Council. They include former Planning Commissioner Anamarie Avila Farias, analyst Arsenio Escudero, longtime resident advocate Michael Alford, and Dylan Radke, son of two former council members and chair of the city Park, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission. Patch asked all five candidates to talk about the city, its challenges, and its potential in their own words -- and to explain why voters should elect them. Today we hear from Alford.

What are your ideas for dealing with the Marina?

The Martinez Marina is and has been a lie to the people of Martinez --- for over 15 years (with at least three ) of our current counsel members --- and the last 10 years ---- with All of the current city counsel . They have been given millions of dollars from the Department of Boat & Waterways in Sacramento ! They have done nothing to make our Marina what they promised US  --- I talked to the director Mrs. Lucia Brasera she runs all of this for the state that deals with Our Martinez before told me to my face three years ago that she was fed up with what had NOT been done! that Nothing had been done that they were trying  and had been trying to help make this marina come together She told me that all they could get were excuses That they were not even trying to make their payments --  She went on to say that I (Mike Alford) was the ONLY Martinez citizen that had ever came up to her office in Sacramento and asked for an accounting for the Money and What was expected of the City Counsel & the marina Management for the city of Martinez. But no one had ever bothered to come in and ask for what was simply public information! Last year I wrote exactly What the director Mrs. Brasera of D.B.W. had said. I Wrote all of this on Patch!

I Told the Marina Commission & The City Counsel -  I told and wrote all of what the director SAID ten months before the mayor & staff admitted that NO  More Money Was Coming to the City Of Martinez from the State -- now for 10 months nothing but lies were told to the taxpayers - So you see how can our Marina ever be completed with the lies & deception that the people of Martinez have put up with from our leaders the people we are suppose to trust ? we need to have people that will get this Marina Completed  Or, Simply put, We Won’t Have A Martinez Marina.

Do you support the annexation of Alhambra Valley and North Pacheco?

No I Don't Support the Alhambra  Valley Annexation Why Would the people Of Alhambra Valley Want to be in  The City Limits Of A City Limits Of a city that Cant ever complete A Project It starts And at least the people of Alhambra Valley Take care of their Roads and Streets ! Why Would They Want The Value Of Their Property's  To Drop ? No Absolutely NOT ! If the people of Alhambra Valley want in the City Limits of Martinez , Than Let it Be their Own Dissection And By Their Own VOTE !  Not By The Special interest Groups That Tell The City Counsel Of Martinez What To Do! Only The People Of Alhambra Valley (All Of Alhambra Valley) Have a Right To Make That Dissection !

City staff has been severely diminished in the past two years. Do you think this level of staff is sustainable for effective local government?

Absolutely not! They Couldn't even take care of their Streets, their parks (That's why we had to vote for the Measure H Bond 30 Million Dollars) and now they Want to loan out staff to a project that isn't even in the city limits of Martinez ? It Doesn't even make sense We Can’t Take care Of Our Infrastructure So why Would We Loan Out Our Depleted staff ? And Let the Taxpayer (YOU) pay the Bill! No this Kind Of Abuse And so called leadership Has To Change and be held Accountable For its citizens.

Measure H has funded the improvement of the pool, library and parks. Where will the city find the money to maintain these improvements? 

I think I made myself VERY clear on that On that with the previous question ----- With the way This City Works taking Care Or All Their Previous Parks. You Can See Why I said It won’t work with the leadership that we have Leading this City! It will go by the wayside and they will hire more Consultants so they can blame it on them! that's been their way of not having to be responsible to the taxpayer . And that is why we had to have a 30 million dollar bond (measure H) and folks it’s all on (YOU) the taxpayers!

What are your three favorite things about Martinez?

No.1 --- I've lived here all my life. It is my Sanctuary. it has always been my destination no matter how far I ever went no matter where I ever moved or lived I missed Martinez . The people  from Martinez  they were always like a part of me. I learned from them ,some even took care of me while growing up I think in all that I am ! Maybe all that I will ever be is because of this place Called Martinez . So you see asking me what are my three favorite Things about Martinez would be like asking about Life ! it is my Passion, My Love My past, My Future ! See I need to serve, What has served and nurtured me. To give back what has been given to me . It is as much a part of me as I am of Martinez Or Another way of saying Life is love , And My Love is Martinez !

What are your three least favorite things about Martinez? 

The degradation of a community that was so real so Close and Family Oriented where you could walk down any street and feel safe ,people would always have a smile on their face. There was always a sense of hope people believed in each other they always helped each other ! But than things changed in the late 60s & early 70s  We became Political We Had to Be Politically Correct !  When That happened we started to lose our Spirit !  When we lost our Faith Well we started to lose our direction And when we lost that we became a city divided That is when we began to lose hope because our leadership let us down for the last 20 years we have felt helpless and divided as a community we Need To have real leadership to have hope again to believe in each other and bring Martinez back to the people and have some faith that Martinez will always be that special Place in our lives !

What qualifies you to sit on the City Council? 

Living here all my life Knowing every nook and cranny, everybody and anybody that I grew up and got to know and still to get to know! To have Been to 236 straight meetings In the last seven years To have stood up and talked at every one of those meetings .To have questioned and gone to Sacramento and asked about our Marina to have stood up for Our Citizens time after time to have asked questions that  that our City Counsel wouldn't Answer ! We Have All Been Lied To For over The Last Two Decades ! It Has To Stop Now! If You Elect me (Mike Alford)  I Can Give You My Word ! It Will STOP ! YOU will Know the truth, You will know where who and why ! the people that are running this city And With Me in there serving You The Taxpayer And Voter !  YOU will Have Your Voices Heard And Your Will  Enforced . When you Say NO and when you Ask Questions  I Will make sure  You Are Answered As You ASK them ! That Is My Word to the People Of Martinez ! I will Answer To You ! You Vote For Me (Mike Alford) You Wont Be Sorry ,We Will Make A Change ! --  Thank You ----- Your Ardent Servant ---  Mike Alford

Gary Etscheid October 02, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Sounds good Mike
Liea M Miller-Alford-Bramlett October 06, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Nice..well rounded and words shaped not only by fact but emotion and heart xo...your daughter, Liea
MIKE ALFORD October 08, 2012 at 07:22 AM
Mr. barkley ---- I would have answerd any and all your questions but we Were on Marks page --- If you really want to know more about the Marina just ask me -- I will give you all the information that was given to me from The director of The dept. of boating and waterways in Sacramento (Lucia Bresera) This was over two years ago when I first went to Sacramento to find out the truth And All of this information is available To & For Any Citizen --- I Didnt want to tie up Marks Page --- And dont let anyone Intimedate You when you want to know the Truth ! If You feel more comforatable you can call me (812 - 2154)
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 08, 2012 at 01:44 PM
OK Mike: Now I am well aware that the "Golden Eggs" that some think the Broke State of California... is "supposedly"- Hiding that Goose That Lay's those eggs" However...Who is Saying/// Except from..... that poor confused Young lady..L Meza/// That just makes statement's and runs like a coward! Is anyone Else saying "Money is on it's Way?? Also if so / JUST WHERE is said Money coming from?? >>>> I Find it beyond comprehension that anyone that has seen the debacle that is the "Martinez Marina" .... can possibly think that a "Vibrant Full Marina"... underwritten/Yet Again" //with now non-Existent State money is in any manner feasible! As I said before/you go to meeting after meeting (Boring Wednesdays)? If You have any "Enlightened" Knowledge Please share it! T.Y. for your Phone Number... But I would rather all see what is going on!! Donald E. Barkley
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 08, 2012 at 01:57 PM
I neglected to say, any money that is not from Private Enterprise at Least Tried// Is an assault....Yet again on ..TAX PAYERS! .... Alas Give the Overloaded Taxpayer's a DAMN BREAK!! Now Did I post this "CORRECTLY"?? Please a single Election Forum/// Why do people have to Look all over. .any REASON ?? That is a "Public Question" In your "spot" SORRY! D.E, Barkley
MIKE ALFORD October 09, 2012 at 02:33 AM
Mr. Barkley --- Its Not Up To Me -- To Talk About If You Did or Did not Post Correctly ! But What is my responsibilty as A Candidate for City on this thread is to answer any and all questions that you or any citizen of Martinez Ask --- No there never was a golden egg The so called Golden Egg that you refer to is And Was Always the California Taxpayers DOLLAR ! That came from the Dept. Of Boating And waterways in Sacramento - Now in the last 13 years that ( mark Ross was on the Marina commision & OUR City counsel) We have been given Millions Of Tax Dollars to fix our Martinez Marina ! Where It go? now That is What You&The Taxpayers Of Martinez SHOULD be Asking ! First Of all they hired an outfit Called WEST TRACK They Ran the Marina For About 7 years,What I Really Mean is THEY ran it into ground Three docks were just left to fall apart ! Than they Let our Fuel Dock and the fuel tanks Flood ! WE had to pay about 60 thousand dollars (of the taxpayers money) To Have them pulled out ! Now the vice President of West Track was a guy by the name of TOM HOGAN (Remember that name) so here we were all this money all those years a total disaster !! So What did our Slick City Counsel & Mark Ross Do Well after More consulents,more Tax dollars, and more LIES, Well we hired a new outfit called Alamar & Marina Development !(now Get This) With A limited partner who just happend to be none other Than (TOM HOGAN) Remember he was the one hith West Track ! that gave us 7 years if Failure
MIKE ALFORD October 09, 2012 at 03:08 AM
as for the so Called Young lady you talk about save Yourself a lot of absolute useless frustration and insainty She doesnt even know what your talking about to start with !!! And if you really want something to think about ----- there is a commision here in Martinez --- that is planing the next 40 Years of Martinez and its future --- That young lady (AS YOU) posted -- Is On The GENERAL Commision !! Thats Right ! -- I knew Something wasnt Right when I went to one of their first meetings I walked in and there she was sitting there with the other commisioners --- And she Had A Ball Of YARN on the Commision Table and she was Crocheting ! thats right ! I guess you will feel much more comfortable knowing That This is part of the commision that is planning Martinez and its future !!!!!!!
Linda Meza October 09, 2012 at 03:25 AM
Oh, hello, my name is Linda and I'm a knitter....
MIKE ALFORD October 09, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Anyway Mr. Barkley Are You Starting To Catch on ? Well Back to The Facts About Why we havent gone anywhere in the last 13 years with the marina ! when you hire consulent after consulent When you just keep hiring incompetent people using taxpayer dollars and listening to our city counsel say we are moving forward and we are looking at pure failure Than you can See Why Sacramento is Fed-up with what we have NOT DONE !! When its (THE MARINA) Gone from bad to worse ! And the fact is We need to face the facts Make it a boat Launch Build a restaurant - build a amuesment park ?But Stop Lieing To the Taxpayer !! Just DO Something ! People will always come down to the water ,They always have that is what makes it so special - I will answer more later about Why we are failing - this entire City counsel Has one agenda because of the special intrest group - Like I said I will say and write more --They are locked in on Building ,They Will tell you We Need more affordable housing (HA) ! Anyway to spend Your Taxpayer dollar ! There Are Four Main People In This City That are really pushing this Housing Thing R.C.D. Remember That this was going to as they said Bring in from 6 to 9 hunderd thousand dollars a year in revenue And Now We Find Out That was a big lie just to get it passed through NO one There will have the money to Spend in Martinez Its not for retired or just senior citizens NO ! the lowest of the low income with No Money so spend, please tell me HOW THIS WILL HELP US ?
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 09, 2012 at 05:54 AM
That was very odd, is there such a thing as "Knitters Anonymous" called "K.A" ... as there is for drinkers and A. A.? I only surmise as Ms. Linda statement seemed like a TV depiction of an AA meeting/just for Knitter's as she /stood up confronting "Inner Demons" and saying "Hello I am Linda and I am a Knitter"! In what I have seen of her That is (very Odd for most) but Normal_ for Her! That it was mentioned that we try and GIVE TAXPAYER"S a BREAK, I am sure it caused a "Stress Situation"! i asked this Saturday of you "Linda the Knitter" as you attacked and ran away so i shall try here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Linda please enlighten me as to my erroneous assumptions! That may help clarify things... I TY in advance! Now if you are part of an "official" ad-hoc committee to bring in investors/ when was it started? If you have "just gone off on your own" and are making proposals' /// please let us know what you have promised and said!! If the "Essential Component" is a vibrant marina/ as we have never been able to sustain one yet, without TAXPAYER"S footing a bill, "Massively larger than the return"! Again.. is that what you have "facilitated"? also who is the "Responsible Party or Parties" in these delicate negotiations between business to municipality, business to state, business to state agencies? I would love and want "Marina Docking".... but only if it is sustainable! not a TAX GRABBING DEAL!"
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 09, 2012 at 06:50 AM
Alford.. Sorry that deal just "jumped up and ran away...yet again" I am sure she has no answers! So Mike I very much agree and see that the Marina (Heck Stevie Wonder could see it) Has Been a Complete DISASTER! Sadly resting on the TAXPAYER'S BACKS"! I don't understand the constant need for a "Consultant Fix" we are like a "Junkie..Just one more Consultant"! the people that have "Managed the marina" if it was an operation room at a hospital would be "Sued for Malpractice"! Alford as you state we are now trying to bring in some "massive Housing Project"... "For Seniors" Where or How does that help Martinez? Look at our experiences at/ Nice Affordable Senior Housing! They as Far as I know Have Been failures....is that not so! Some started out very well, the old "Traveler's Hotel"..... Then the Units up behind the High school, However each time, pretty soon Section 8 "Non-Senior's"/Have become more and more the "Prevalent Resident's" and sadly Trouble follows! Is This what is again the Scheme to be "Revisited upon Martinez"? It is all very dichotomized with the two situations. housing and marina /almost a "Pincer Attack"! Then there are the very cogent statements by, Paul Wilson, as to exactly "Own's What"! We have been "Dug a VERY Deep Hole"! So Mike what else is out there?..... TAXPAYER'S >>>DUCK!! Donald E. Barkley
DONALD E. BARKLEY October 09, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Linda I have asked repeatedly to explain your attack's on me! Is THAT UNFAIR? Plus my other questions as to your "negation's"!! Why would you make statement's then just hide? TAXPAYERS DESERVE to KNOW / have made Promises Their and the City Council's name! If YOU just went off with no "Official Authorization" . that should be told!! Where are you Linda ..(Alford said on here You Would Basically "Flake Out on any TAXPAYER Question's") I Stood up and said "She must be Busy" Witch is it.? As you know as a knitter, if you "drop a stitch" thing's tend to unravel! I have a bet you SADLY won't respond! Is it You can't or are too embarrassed to answer? prove me wrong I beseech you to do so!! Sadly as my brief experience with you indicates I fear.."not a chance".. just "hit and run charges. worse yet indication's of "Unauthorized Promises And Negation's" loom UNANSWERED! However I would rather Lose a Bet// If THE TAXPAYER's are informed Plus our Governing Body! The Truth Shall Set You Free! D.E.. Barkley PS/ again I am not sure of "Posting Protocol" so M. Alford if I put in wrong spot SORRY! db
MIKE ALFORD October 23, 2012 at 07:50 AM
You know at the debate last Thirsday night put on by the Martinez News Gazette I didnt get a chance to point out that Anamarie Avila Farias Is Supported By The Same exact people that have supported Everyone that is on the current City Counsel Thats what money & special intrest Groups can Buy ! Now lets See here -When Lynette Busby Was on the planning commision and the planning commision waived 100,000 dollars in permits & fees,on a building that was owned by the Busbys -Than sold it to the county withen a year so they wouldnt have to pay the City of Martinez for the waived Fees ? Now just before Mrs Busby Steped Down from the planning commision Guess who came in Thats right Anamarie Avila Farias and guess what happend Next Well Anamarie & her husband decide to build an 8 plex down on Berralisa Ave,and they get 40,000 dollars of permits & fees waived Than this (Senior Budget Manager) doesent Pay the City Of Martinez Back The 40,000 dollars ? How Does This Work People Do You Think Anyone Of You Would Get Permits or Fees waived Without Having To Pay Our City Back . No Way Thats why she has to be Elected ! See if she doesent get elected -- The Special Intrest Groups Wont be able to just start developments where they Want ! Now remember -who has put thousands of dollars behind Mike,Rob,Lara,& Janet Kennedy Well lets See Now ,The Dunivens,The Seeno Builders ,Gus Kramer Lynette & Jim (Pops) Busby , Thats it in a Nut shell They Need Her On the CITY COUNSEL For THEIR PROJECTS !
MIKE ALFORD October 23, 2012 at 08:13 AM
Theres A Whole lot More To Why They Have Put Out So much money ---- I have just found out about a couple of very intresting things The VOTERS In Martinez need to know about The Alhambra Valley Annex --- And Stone Hurst Development --- The Martinez Water Dist. ----- And The Pine Meadows project that they they wont talk about (even though There Are plans drawn up already) ----- Well there is a Debate Tomorrow Lets See How that Goes --- I Just Cant WAIT !
Dave Thomas November 03, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Mike sometimes you are too nice. The fact that you refused money from Dunivan, Shell and Seno and the CC Times and even Dunnivans Martinez New Gazette do not want to elected make me proud of you but at the same VERY difficult to get elected. As a person who knows all of the nooks and cranneys you also know what is under the rocks. I verified the fact that this City Council (NOT THE CITY STAFF) oooppp's a CAP! This city council voted to OVERCHARGE the citizens 3 million 300,000 thousand dollars a year for water when with the turn of a valve we could get CC Water and save 3 million. What happened to taxing Shell? Your idea of taxing Shell has been ignored because SHELL buys members of congress. They, of course, do not buy the council but they fund the elections for their approved council people by paying "bills" for mailers and signs. No tracking involved. TAX SHELL: The State Board of equalization holds Shell responsible for "collecting" the sales tax yet they use "LEGALLY" second party agreements to avoid giving Martinez the 8 million owed. They wanna play that way... raise their business license tax. As you said Long Beach Ca. taxes production SEPERATE from a sales tax. I know you do not know YET how that works but at 2 cents a gallon the tax is 50 mllion a year and since "other" producers have to pay it that puts Shell on an equal playing field. IMAGINE: The city could give a scholership to every graduate fund the non profits YOU WERE RIGHT AGAIN! .
Dave Thomas November 03, 2012 at 06:36 PM
The Shell refinery's majority share holder is Merryl Lynch, the people who packaged mortgages and sold them You were right about the Marina. It silts because SHELL ships used to be 16 TONS, when Marina was built, now 500,000 tons. The City Council sest a poor example, for the children of Martinez, by not paying our bills especially since the City has 28 million ON DEMAND money When the council says "The Marinia is a REGIONAL asset thus we must allow those in the region the ability to use it at the SOLE expense of Martinez residents" I wonder... and wonder... Would the POWER BROKERS in Martinez benefit if they could own the Marina? Maybe the goal is to sink the fuel docks (done) kill the Marina. .I would disagree that the city has done major cutbacks. Attrition yes but they did a Shell game. They had 50 people out of 130 in Community and Economic Development. They now have 15. Thats a cut! WHOOPS! 35 of these Economic Development people were moved to Public Works and are still shuffling paper and do not know what a shovel is! How about the creation of the RV ordinance and then engaging with Seno about shutting down the ONLY RV storage in Martinez. The idea of a Ferry is cute but the City Manager, in his next letter, better say we want a small Ferry as we do not have PARKING. It was the Vallejo Ferry that bankrupted Vallejo. IF THE CITIZENS DO NOT ELECT YOU THAT IS THEIR LOSS AS YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO tells it like it is. The City needs new leadership


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