And They're Off: Candidates Enter Race for City Positions

As of Tuesday morning, five people have filed papers to run in the November election.

The period for filing candidate papers began on July 16, and so far, five Martinez residents have entered the running. The deadline to submit papers is Aug. 10. 

City Council

The seats of incumbents Mark Ross and Janet Kennedy are up for consideration. 

Mark Ross has indicated he will run again, but has not yet filed papers. Kennedy has not made an announcement. 

Dylan Radke, a member of the Parks, Recreation, Marina and Cultural Commission, has submitted papers. 

Michael Alford has also filed to run for a city council position.

Rachel Ford, current chair of the Martinez Planning Commission, has but has not yet filed papers.

City Clerk

The position is currently held by Gary Hernandez.

Richard G. Hernandez has submitted papers to run for city clerk.

Evelyn J. Centeno has also filed for the position.

City Treasurer

This position is currently held by Carolyn Robinson, who will be seeking re-election. No other candidates have filed yet.

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Stephanie Harvin July 17, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Is anyone going to do something about the homeless population that has tripled in the past couple years? I'm tired of being haggled at the store for money by these guys.
Douglas Stewart July 17, 2012 at 09:08 PM
I am out every night responding to homeless calls for the city and it has not tripled that is fact it has.actually gone down in Mtz it hard to help the situation the city just approved us for 1500.00 for the yr if you watch the last council meeting I gave a mid yr report most of the panhandling is riverhouse or the other boarding house on Richardson it is a issue we only have between 15 to 25 nightly for the whole city you could live in concord were it is 1100 nightly but I do agree panhandling is a issue especially when the people doing it aren't homeless most of the time
Penny Benitez-Exner July 17, 2012 at 09:39 PM
I see you everywhere Doug~ But not at night when I am at Safeway and being walked up on at my car by some new random person begging for money or cigarettes(of which I don't smoke),,, I think the "No Loitering" signs should be EVERYWHERE we shop -PERIOD... It's not fair for the people of Martinez to be bothered while we shop , ride at the Marina or walk downtown..
Stephanie Harvin July 17, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Well its not fair when your 2 year old child is subjected to harassment from these homeless men and women. I can not take her with me anywhere in Martinez without someone asking me for money. Downtown at the marina, stores where I get her food, parks where she plays and streets that I walk her on. Maybe for some areas it might have gotten better because they gave relocated to a different part of Martinez.
Douglas Stewart July 18, 2012 at 06:19 AM
I agree with you both I will try to do more but I can't be everywhere I'm at Safeway all he time I start every night at 8:30pm and on Fridays 6pm the best adivice I can give is to call the police everytime sorry that happened to you both
Mary Peinado July 18, 2012 at 05:23 PM
Doug Stewart, thank you for all that you do!!


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