WCPD Case Proceeds Against Convicted Grifter

Jocelyn Kirsch, 26, of Berkeley, got out of federal custody last year; she is accused of burglary and possession of stolen property June 17 at Nordstrom and Banana Republic in Walnut Creek.

More details have emerged about "Bonnie" — a federal parolee who is accused of a Walnut Creek crime spree sans "Clyde" — with charges so far of possession of stolen property and burglary.

Philly.com reported Thursday night: "The former Drexel University student with a penchant for Olympic pole-vaulting tales and romantic horseback rides on the beach — yes, Jocelyn Kirsch — was arrested this month in California for shoplifting and other crimes." Kirsch and Anderton were convicted of serial identity thefts in the Philadelphia area half a decade ago in order to finance a lavish lifestyle with trips to Paris and beach resorts. The details came out at trial and made "Bonnie and Clyde" noir darlings of the Philadelphia media.

In Walnut Creek, Philly.com reported, the new charges violate "her federal probation, and she again may have to face a federal judge and possibly go back to jail. It's unclear which jurisdiction — Northern California or Philadelphia — would hold that hearing and when it would be held … Stephen R. Kahn, a Los Angeles attorney who has represented Kirsch in other skirmishes with California law and in this one, told the Daily News Thursday that his client was 'innocent.'

"Kirsch, 26, whose arrest was first reported by Walnut Creek Patch.com, was purported to have sticky fingers in the high-end Nordstrom department store as well as a Banana Republic, both located in the Broadway Plaza." Walnut Creek Police Lt. Steve Gorski told Philly.com that investigators were looking into multiple incidents involving Kirsch at Walnut Creek stores June 17.

Portman to play 'Bonnie'?

A prominent playwright is trying to turn the true crime story into a vehicle for actress Natalie Portman, according to Portman's website.

Anderton was released in September 2011 from his halfway house in Seattle.

Kirsch was released last November from a halfway house in Sacramento.
Philly.com reported in December that Kirsch was working at Athleta, a store on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, that specializes in athletic and yoga fashion wear for women. She was reportedly fired after reporters informed Athleta about Kirsch's conviction in schemes to swipe people's credit cards.

City Employee June 30, 2012 at 04:56 PM
All that did happen but it is not Patch's fault since they probably didn't know it happened. Normally if a bar manager/owner is arrested for a felony like robbery during a bar fight there would be a press release since if/when the media found out they would want answers. I remember something about the bar owners wanting to work with the city to improve their image…..but that’s another story. Things are so political now city leaders, including the chief of police, don't want anyone communicating with the media for anything short of a multiple homicide. The Contra Costa Times is basically on board since the city gives the local reporter (Elizabeth Nardi) exclusive access to puff pieces every month or two which keeps them happy. The wink wink nod nod understanding is that the Times will not print anything negative without approval. Basically the Times has become the official City of Walnut Creek Press Information Office. This is why every week 95% of what you read in the WC Journal comes directly from the city-Library Corner, Lesher Center events, new fountains, the great new condos coming downtown etc..There is no real hard questions being asked or stories that might show a problem with fights for example unless someone else prints it first. Patch and other media outlets are left out in the cold by design.
Jim July 01, 2012 at 04:59 PM
"12-20047 06/23/12 01:37:25 1400 BL LOCUST ST 10-15 FOR 211. DISPO: MICHAEL QUTOB 09261964 ARRESTED FOR Robbery/211, TAKEN TO MDF"
Jim July 01, 2012 at 05:07 PM
The arrest log above is from the city police website daily bulletin. Qutob also pops up as a speaker at last month's city council meeting arguing against the new nightclub deeded approved rules. Nice. If you google him all kinds of interesting stuff pops up. A passenger in Oakland Raiders place-kicker Sebastian Janikowski's car when he was arrested for DUI (see link below). Now Mr. Janikowski is a part owner of Redux Lounge. What a soap opera! http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2002-11-05/article/15922?headline=Raiders-kicker-pleads-innocent-to-DUI-charges
Creek Diva July 02, 2012 at 03:52 AM
@Sid, I was just reading the police log about the fight. Stay tuned, very interesting!
crustycrust September 04, 2012 at 06:10 AM
These downtown bars are owned by real low lifes.... including Crogans!


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