Police Log - Towel-Clad Woman, Stolen Mongoose, Late-Night Door Knocking

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Wednesday, Sept. 19 2012

7:53am – A woman described as having “dirty blond hair,” and wrapped in only a towel, was reported walking through the Shell gas station on Alhambra Ave., followed by a gentleman, both of whom were walking toward Walgreens, perhaps mistaking that store for a Nordstrom Rack.

2:23pm. – A resident of Alhambra Valley Road requested extra patrols around the area of John Swett Elementary School around the time school gets out, due to people parking in his driveway, double parking, etc. while waiting for their kids to get out of school.

3:21pm – A mower and lawn equipment was stolen from a locked truck parked on Palm Ave.

3:44pm – A man was reportedly approaching people next to the Wells Fargo ATM machine on Main St. and asking for money. He was gone by the time police arrived.

3:58pm – A patient at Kaiser Permanente on Muir Rd. reported seeing a one-year-old baby locked inside a white Chevy Suburban with the engine running, and no parents in the area.

6:10pm – A woman reported that her son’s blue Mongoose off-road bicycle was taken from the Boys and Girls Club on Alhambra Ave. by a high school student.

7:45pm – A woman soliciting magazines in a Hidden Creek Circle neighborhood became “offensive” when a resident asked her to get off his porch.

Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012

1:34am – A woman reported that people she didn’t know had been knocking on her door for an hour.

6:06pm – A resident of Shell Ave. came home to find the back door kicked in for the second time in a week.

Friday, Sept. 21, 2012

8:37am – Two men were seen taking coins out of the fountain at Ygnacio Plaza on Alhambra Ave. Does this mean they were wishing in reverse?

6:24pm – A man was arrested and had his probation revoked after he was reported urinating twice in the Lotus Apartment complex, once in front of two women.

6:35pm – A bicycle rider was riding on the sidewalk by America’s Best Value Inn on Alhambra Ave. when the rider was hit by a car that turned into the driveway. A report was taken, no injuries were reported.

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012

11:01am – A woman was seen walking from America’s Best Value Inn on Alhambra Ave. toward Jack in the Box, all the while removing her clothes.

1:19pm – Two women attempted to run out of the Lucky store with a cart full of groceries – one headed toward Home Depot, the other ran in the other direction. The shopping cart was recovered and the women were arrested.

1:36pm – A man, apparently a landlord, with units on Morello Heights Dr., demanded that Martinez police forcibly remove three tenants. When he was advised that the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department takes care of evictions, the man “cursed and yelled,” demanding that since he lives in the city limits, the police department should respond to his demand. The log doesn’t indicate how that particular tactic worked out for the guy, but one gets oodles of amusement imagining the outcome.

5:37pm – A log entry that makes every parent with daughters shudder: A woman in her 20s was reported laying halfway on the street, halfway on the sidewalk at Alhambra Ave. and Haven St., with her dress hiked up, passed out. That this will seem funny to some people is even scarier.

5:59pm – The owner of a silver Accura reported that the car was hit by a Black Saab or BMW in the parking lot of China Gourmet on Arnold Dr. The driver reportedly looked intoxicated as he drove away toward Midhill Dr.

9:15pm – A man reported that another man followed him from the ‘downtown’ Safeway, trying to touch him and acting weird, before he walked to the county hospital and stood outside the front doors of that facility.

11:05pm – Neighbors on Ash St. got into a fight over the feeding of raccoons. You can’t make this stuff up.

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012

12:08am – A homeowner on Mont St. Michel Way reported that his house and several others on the block were targeted by vandals, and his porch was urinated on. A silver truck was seen leaving the area.

12:11am – A man in a red and white hat and red sweater at the Amtrak Station was apparently confused about more than just fashion; he tried to take the counter phone with him, apparently not getting the concept of what a mobile phone is. He was gone, but the phone remained, when police arrived.

3:31pm – A man reported that there were ongoing verbal fights at a home on Berrellesa St., and that he left when one of the partygoers threw a punch at his dog. No word on whether or not the dog was hit, or was able to counter-bite.

7:55pm – A pregnant woman of about 25 years wearing a black sweater and dark blue pants came into the CVS store on Center Ave. and grabbed some alchol and ran out of the store. She got into a car that also had two small children in it and drove off toward Highway 4.


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