Police Log - Threats At Hidden Lake, No Refinery Photos, Stolen Van With Dog Inside

The following information was taken from the March 24-March 29 Daily Police Log, and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

12:13pm – The parking lot at the corner of Mellus Street and Court Street apparently became a temporary home site, as “several family members” were reported camped in the lot in a two-tone van, with chairs and a blue tarp. They apparently received word of their pending eviction – they were gone when police arrived.

12:23pm – Police responded to a call from a person described as “a Spanish speaker screaming on the phone,” apparently upset over the fact that the son was “tearing up the house.” Police arrived and abated the situation.

1:47pm – A man who was fishing at Hidden Lakes Park reported that 3 men between the ages of 18 and 20 years old were threatening him, and said they were going to “mess him up.” One of them may have had a knife, he said. The police arrived and prevented anyone from getting messed up.

3:04pm – A man and woman were about 50 yards from the north gate entrance to Tesoro Refinery on Solano Drive, taking pictures of the facility. When approached, they reportedly became irate and drove away. It is not known whether or not their names were Boris and Natasha.

4:56pm – In one of those incidents that seems trivial unless you’re the one who has to clean up the mess, a home on Rolling Hill Way reported that rocks and mud were thrown into the back yard and the swimming pool.

9:50pm – Cell phone towers are not popular with local residents, but here’s an argument in favor of better signals – someone called from a cell phone near the corner of Alhambra Valley Road and Bear Creek Road, reporting a vehicle fire, but the connection was lost before any details could be obtained. Con Fire and the Sherriff’s Office were notified and sent to the scene.

Monday, March 26, 2012

1:40pm – A driver reported that a man in a red minivan with a computer mounted on the dashboard brandished a small pistol, driving south on Alhambra Avenue.

3:25pm – A caller reported a man in a “newer” white Honda Accord near the corner of Main Street and Berrellesa Street was smoking marijuana while driving. Whoa.

3:46pm – A man walking his dog off leash on the Martinez Jr. High School campus received a citation and verbal warning after the dog urinated on an equipment bag.

6:46pm – A resident of Martindale Drive told police that a woman with long curly hair and a skirt attempted to open the door to the residence, but when she found the door was locked, the rang the bell and told the resident that she was selling something.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

12:18pm – Police received a report of about 15 teenagers walking up the hill behind F Street, discussing a fight that they were planning to record and post on YouTube. Police managed to get to the group in time to prevent the fight from taking place, thus depriving YouTube of yet one more senseless act of teen violence. Now if we could just get police to respond to the Maury Povich Show…

1:00pm – Speaking of fights that didn’t happen, three men described as transients were gatghered at the park on the other side of the creek from Creek Monkey Tap House on Escobar Street, and two of those men were yelling about fighting. Apparently, that was the extent of the hostility until police arrived and calmed everyone down.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12:47pm – A man who was hopefully not applying for a job entered the offices of Cole Real Estate on Alhambra Avenue; he was described as wearing a white thermal shirt with black pants, with “black eyes” and pushing a wheelchair. The man reportedly threw some papers around and took some candy before leaving to go to the office next door. Police arrived and the situation was resolved.

1:08pm – Residents of Tavan Estates Drive and Corte Poquita were not convinced that a young man going door to door saying he was collecting money for a school fundraiser was on the up and up. Police were called and the man, described as sporting a blond crew cut, wearing a grey long sleeve shirt with jeans, was arrested on a warrant out of Tulare County.

1:18pm – Quick response from the police meant not only the return of a blue Chevy Astro van which was stolen from the parking lot of Walgreen’s on Alhambra Avenue, but also the returtn of the dog that was inside the van when it was stolen. Police also arrested the person they suspect of stealing the vehicle and animal.

2:21pm – Six teenagers were reportedly smoking marijuana out of a black pipe on the campus of the Martinez Adult School on F Street and Alhambra Avenue, also the home of Briones and Vicentes high schools. At least two of the teens were arrested.

9:31pm – A resident of Brown Street called police to report a man with a cape and sword standing on his porch a few minutes before the call. At the time of the call, the resident said the man was gone and had no idea where he went. He was gone by the time police arrived. Did anyone think to check to see if a “z” was carved into the door?

10:22pm – Another case of strangely appareled individuals came from Deerwood Court, where a resident there reported seeing a man wearing “baggy clothes like a jogging suit” and wearing a miner’s light on his head going through garbage and recycling cans. At this rate, GQ will never do a feature on Martinez.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

11:02am – A resident of Missouri Street whose name is not Tamika called police to report that a man came to her door and asked if Tamika was home. The woman told police that she had lived in the house for some time, and that her name had never been Tamika. The man was gone by the time police arrived.



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