Police Log - Tales of Insobriety, Missing Bats, Un-Neighborly Behaviors

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log, May 28-June3, 2012, and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Monday, May 28, 2012

1:49am – A woman living in a Ferry St. apartment notified authorities that a neighbor was smoking cigarettes and pot in their abode, and the smoke was wafting unwelcomingly into her otherwise smoke-free quarters. She wanted police to demand the neighbor do all that smoking with the window closed.

3:45am – Police responded to a complaint about a house on Pacheco Blvd. featuring loud music and two guys speaking even louder in a fashion that led the caller to believe the men in question were not living in a state of sobriety.

9:09am – A man of about 30 years, tall of stature, with a baseball cap, brown hair, white shirt and a beard, knocked upon the door of a home on Midhill Rd. and requested the occupant to phone 911. He then took a seat on the porch and made himself comfortable, until police arrived and arrested him for being drunk in public.

10:11am – A car on Fountainhead Ct. was entered by one or more persons with no claim of ownership to said car or its contents, who helped themselves to two bats, a digital video recorder and a security camera. The log is not clear on whether the bats in question were the baseball kind or the squeaky flying kind; we’ll assume the former. The irony of a stolen security camera did not escape us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

4:07pm – The owner of a home on Estudillo St. notified police that his tenants moved out and saved themselves a trip to Sears by taking all of his appliances with them. He estimated the loss at about $2,000.

4:57pm – A resident of the Foxhill Dr./Bayleaf Ct. area phoned the police to bemoan the fact that on a daily basis, people were parking in a No Parking zone. Police responded with a flurry of citations to discourage the scofflaws.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

8:25am – Days before it’s even open for business, someone decided it would be a good idea to smash a window on the Ferry St. side of Marty O’s Pizzeria. Police took a report.

10:15am – A resident of Jones St. reported that a refrigerator was sitting in the front yard of a home for four days. We’ll refrain from saying that it was just chillin’.

2:23pm – Police received a call from a distressed mom whose daughter was driving in an erratic fashion near Nancy Boyd Park on Church St. The daughter, noticing the mom was speaking to police about her less-than-stellar driving, pulled over and yelled at the woman who gave her life. The mother told police she would try to wrest control of the vehicle while it was stopped. The phone line then disconnected. Please be careful out there.

4:16pm – A resident of Nicolette Ct. came in to the Police Department on Henrietta St. and wanted to turn in a firearm. The gracious gesture raised a few law enforcement eyebrows, however, when it turned out that the said firearm was not registered to the person turning it in.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

7:34am – A man in a gray sweatshirt and shorts with a duffle bag pounded on the door of a Fuschia Ct. home at this early hour and demanded entry because someone was after him. A few minutes later, police arrived and demonstrated that yes, in fact, someone was indeed after him – he was arrested for being drunk in public.

5:10pm – There are some un-neighborly goings-on these days on Sunnyslopes Dr.; a houseguest witnessed a neighbor back into his vehicle and then run into the house. The reporting party described this as an “ongoing issue.” Once would seem like enough.

5:51pm – Be advised, residents of Ashwood Dr., that persons unknown are stealing garden hoses and siphoning gas from unprotected gas tanks. Is there any small comfort knowing that the people doing this are at least filling their lungs with gas fumes in the process of the siphon?

7:16pm – A woman in a white top with a bandage on her forehead walked into the Union Pacific Office at the Ozol Train Yard on Embaradero and was described as “talking crazy” while she asked for money and explained that she was “stuck” in town. No one apparently offered her a ride in a boxcar so she could become unstuck from our fair city. She was gone when police arrived.

8:28pm – A resident of the Elderwood Dr./Morello Ave. area notified police that eight strapping fellows were parked in four pickup trucks with their eyes out for four large bucks in the area. The caller overheard the men discussing how they were going to shoot the male deer, though no weapons were seen. The hunterly entourage was dispersed by the time police arrived to discuss why hunting and shooting wildlife in a residential area just might be a problem.

Friday, June 1, 2012

3:14pm – A gentleman with a white tank top, plaid shorts and tattoos stormed onto the grounds of Martinez Jr. High School and began threatening the PE teachers because he felt they were unfairly allowing the other students to throw balls at his nephew during dodgeball games. Of course, we hope it was explained to him, throwing balls at people is the entire point of dodgeball.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

9:22am – A woman in a plaid dress seemed intoxicated to someone as she pumped gas at the Shell Station on Alhambra Ave. Police arrived and discovered that she was, in fact, out of legal sobriety compliance, and took her into custody.

10:38am – Our friends at the Martinez News Gazette on Estudillo St. reported that their parking lot was full, even though their office was empty, and the lot is reserved for employees only. However, said employees could not get in to pick up newspapers and a complaint was made.

7:27pm – A Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Deputy was attempting to get an inmate cleared at the county hospital when a male patient ran out of the hospital and tried to get into the deputy’s car. Failing that, the patient then tried to find entrance to other vehicles in the lot. The deputy managed to restrain the patient and called for backup.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

3:12am – Someone saw a laptop in a car on Begonia Ct., decided it would be great to have it for themselves, and smashed one of the windows to help themselves to it.

10:54am – Apparently there was more being offered for sale at Tower Mart on Howe Rd. than just gas, milk and beer – a woman in a white shirt, black miniskirt, fishnet stockings and black shoes was reportedly propositioning customers in the store. The store manager agreed to sign a trespassing complaint against her.


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