Police Log - Lots Of Solicitors, Theft From Cars Last Week

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log from Dec. 18 - 23.

December 18

3:09 am: Noise disturbance – Euclid Avenue. Reporting party advised that her next door neighbors are causing a disturbance, punching a bag with music in the backyard.

7:40 am: Theft from vehicle - Polson Court.  A car was broken into through the trunk and a broken driver’s side window.

10:35 am: Theft from vehicle – Center Avenue. A car was broken into through the back window.

1:19 pm: Fraud – Truitt Avenue. Reporting party received a call from someone posing as her grandson stating he was in jail in Mexico and needed bail.

1:34 pm: Dispute – Saxon Street. Reporting party said her neighbors were angry with her for taking their cat to the pound, and were now threatening to take her cat.

8:05 pm: Burglary – Center Avenue. Someone broke in through the rear sliding glass door. Resident was gone about three hours and came home to find all the jewelry gone.

December 19

7:51 am: Suspicious person – Pacheco Boulevard/Bush Street. A man with a beard was seen running in the streets, and kicked a park vehicle.

8:34 am: Suspicious activity – Pine Street. A resident reported that people were messing with his Christmas decorations.

9:29 am: Windshield smashed - Center Avenue. The front window of a car was smashed and rocks were thrown at the hood and the window – they also thought they heard a bb gun.

1:35 pm: Car theft – Muir Station Shopping Center. A black Toyota Corolla was stolen from the parking lot.

1:36 pm: Juvenile disturbance – Hidden Valley School on Glacier Drive. Several juveniles were reported on the roof of the school.

3:29 pm: Suspicious person – Alhambra High School on E Street. A while male adult with an IV in his arm was seen on the grounds of the high school.

3:58 pm: Animal call – Paso Nogal Road and Pleasant Hill Road. A coyote was seen walking around with a possible leg injury.

5:36 pm: Solicitor - Sunhill Lane. A man who appeared to be homeless was trying to get donations for homeless children and selling cleaning products.

December 20

8:41 am: Assault – Bank of America on Main Street. A man was arrested for assault in front of B of A.

9:07 am: Miscellaneous disturbance – Post Office on Alhambra Avenue. A report of an unruly employee who needed to be removed from the post office.

9:11am: Petty theft – Kaiser Medical Center on Muir Road. An employee reported her wallet was stolen from her desk, and several charges were made on her cards from different locations in Martinez.

11:25 am: Suspicious person – Silver Lake Way. A woman reported that a man came to her door acting like a solicitor, but fit the description of a suspect of several car thefts in the neighborhood. He ran away when she refused to open the door.

5:00pm: Grand theft – Park Street. A UPS delivery worth $900 was stolen, and the victim found the empty boxes down the street.

7:15 pm: Solicitor – Court Street. A woman claiming to be with AT&T had no name tag, no card and no vehicle.

December 22

3:11am: Property damage - Las Juntas Street. Someone threw a rock through the window.

5:46 am: Car Theft – Calle Verde Court. A car was stolen from this location.

7:27 am: Vandalism - Morello Heights Court. The front window of a car was smashed.

7:38 am: Vandalism - Roanoke Drive. Someone egged a car overnight, for the second night in a row.

8:58: Vandalism - Glacier Court. A car had its window smashed.

9:09 am: Suspicious circumstance - Spring Lake Drive. A neighbor advised the reporting party that there was a briefcase on his porch. The reporting party went out to see but was afraid to touch the briefcase, which had a barcode sticker on the bottom.

10:08 am: Theft from vehicle – Fig Tree Lane. The back driver’s side window was shattered in a vehicle and a laptop and briefcase were stolen.

10:54 am: Grand theft - Ashwood Drive. The reporting party states that the international student staying with her was missing $5,000 in American money and $5,000 in Hong Kong currency.

12:03 pm: Petty theft - Corte Tercera. The reporting party states he took video of people going through mail boxes.

6:38 pm: Solicitor - Morello Avenue. A man was allegedly going door to door, saying he was from AT&T. He was gone when officers arrived.

7:33 pm: Solicitor - Pacheco Boulevard. A man in a black suit was seen looking into windows of homes. The man reportedly had no permit.

9:29 pm: Miscellaneous disturbance – Jack in the Box on Alhambra Avenue. A group of juveniles were reportedly shooting a taser gun at some trees at the back of the restaurant. A man was arrested for suspicion of possession of marijuana.

December 23

9:42 am: Petty theft - Westaire Boulevard. A polar bear decoration was stolen from a home.

4:04 pm: Solicitor - Benham Drive. A woman was reported soliciting magazine subscriptions.

4:08 pm: Solicitor – Sunnybrae Drive. Police received numerous calls from the area reporting a woman soliciting.

4:45 pm: Theft from car - Brown Street. The back window of a car was broken and Christmas gifts were stolen.

5:07 pm: Solicitor - Corte Tercer. Two men were reportedly trying to sell magazines door to door.



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