Police Log - Deer Hunting, Paint Huffing, Speeding Line-Snapping Boats, Bass Solos

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

3:04am – Police received a report of a man in a gray jacket, orange shirt and gray pants holding a rifle near a deer in the road that appeared to be shot at Hidden Lakes Park on Morello Avenue.

7:11 – A person in charge of an organized event at Waterfront Park, in which 300 people were expected to attend, called police and in a rather stressed-out manner explained that the garbage cans were overflowing and the restrooms were sorely in need of supplies and a cleanup. East Bay Regional Parks was contacted, and all turned out well.

7:30am – Two car owners who apparently believed that the “No Parking On Sunday” signs (due to the Farmers Market) on Main Street did not apply to their particular vehicles, received a gift of a citation from the police.

7:58am – Sunday morning coming down, indeed: a man with long hair and a gray shirt was reported on Yellowstone Drive yelling and laying down in the street. He was last seen on Center Avenue, but was gone by the time police arrived.

12:44pm – The owner of Pacific Tan on Arnold Drive alerted police to the belief that an employee was taking money from the safe over the past three or four days.

1:49pm – Three angry fisherfolk were gathered in front of the Harbormaster’s Office at the Marina to report a speeding boat that got too close to the pier and snapped three lines and one costly rod.

Monday, June 24, 2012

9:20am – A garage door was inadvertently left open on Live Oak Court, and the price paid was a stolen purse, diaper bag, GPS system and gym bag removed from the car therein.

9:38am – A white Ford truck with City of Martinez markings was reportedly parked in a handicapped space at Main and Ferry streets, but it was gone by the time officers arrived.

9:57am – Someone helped themselves to a car that did not belong to them on Rolling Hills Way – it had “2012” written in purple window paint on the side windows, and 22-inch chrome wheels.

10:00pm – A man assaulted another man with a baseball bat on Brown Street. The man later ran his car into a pole at Goodyear Tires on Alhambra Avenue, where it burst into flame. Police continue seeking the suspect.

Tuesday, June 25, 2012

12:35pm – In a scene fraught with poignancy and drama, a driver on Morello Avenue and Chilpancingo Parkway hit a baby deer and stopped to see if anything could be done. The baby was still alive and the mother was standing over it. Animal Control was called in – it is not known what ultimately happened to the baby or the mom.

3:07am – Someone on Soto Street accidentally drank hydrogen peroxide instead of water. Medical help was summoned.

6:57pm – Proving once again that there is nothing scarier than a bass solo, a resident of Midhill Drive notified authorities about an ongoing bass player in the neighborhood who not only refused to lower the volume, but turned it up when asked to turn it down.

8:32pm – Three young men were seen leaning against one of the buildings at John Muir Elementary School trying to light a pipe, though the person reporting the incident didn’t know what was being lit. They were gone when police arrived to see for themselves.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2:38am – A major injury accident occurred at the Highway Four onramp on Alhambra Avenue when a car rolled over.

2:46am – A resident near Hidden Valley Park on Center Avenue called police to complain that they could hear people playing games in the park. Police arrived and put an end to the shenanigans.

5:56am – Here’s what happens when the system breaks down – the stoplight at Pacheco Boulevard and Howe Road malfunctioned, with both lights turning green at the same time. Not what you want in the hours before a lot of drivers have had their coffee.

11:09am – A 40-year-old woman in a green sweater, boxer shorts, no shoes, pushing a shopping cart, walked into the Shell station on Alhambra Avenue, refilled her drink and left without paying for it.

2:49pm – A resident of Euclid Avenue advised police that they received a call from someone representing themselves as being from Windows Media. They gave the resident instructions to download something, and now they have all the person’s personal information. This should go without saying, but just in case – do not ever download anything from anywhere you are not personally familiar with, especially if someone calls you advising you to do so.

5:28pm – A woman was reported in the parking lot of Walgreen’s on Alhambra Avenue, huffing paint and passing out. This is a method of intoxication nearly as dangerous as setting yourself on fire.

6:08pm – A child was struck by a vehicle on Ricks Avenue near G Street; the child was conscious and breathing when the ambulance arrived.

8:25pm – The Midhill Road resident with the bass guitar-playing neighbor phoned police again and asked an officer to accompany him to the musician’s home. The issue was resolved, at least for the evening.

8:33pm – Four calls of complaint were received about very loud music from a church in a warehouse on Arnold Drive.

10:11pm – A 50-year-old man in jeans and no shirt was reported near Citibank on Main Street asking people in a manner rather rude if they had a problem. Police arrived and explained to the man that he, in fact, had a problem – perhaps more than a lack of shirt.


Jacquelyn Jennings July 16, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Martinez Police have always been an understanding force to be delt with. What amazes me is the calls are that different from 60 years ago. I am talking about the non-violent, non-drug calls. Here is how I feel. If you are not speeding why slow down when you see a police car? If are not doing anything wrong why run when you see the police. Thank you MPD for making family, friends, and neighboors feel safe. One more thing I love the fact that my Granddaughters know the officers and police dogs by name because of the time they spend with kids in the community. Thank you Jacque Jennings


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