Police Log: Bad Check, Burning Garbage, Stolen Boat

The following information was taken from the Martinez Police Log and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Friday, Feb. 1, 2013

3:54pm – A man was arrested in West America Bank on Ferry Street for attempting to cash a $2,300 check that did not belong to him. One of the founding principles of economics turns out to be that the money you spend has to be yours to begin with. Unless you work on Wall Street.

4pm – A thief walked out of Mountain Mike’s Pizza on Arnold Drive with an online ordering system laptop valued at about $500. Apparently the thief misunderstood that only the pizza was to go, not the electronics. But the video surveillance camera got a good look at the guy, so he will probably have a little justice delivered to his door in the near future, and the next to-go order will be to county jail.

10:05pm – A woman on Chattswood Drive and Roanoke Drive reported that she was sitting in her car when a young man came stumbling down the street, obviously intoxicated and banging on cars. He stumbled onto her car, hit it a few times and asked if she was from the hood, before hurtling a list of expletives her way. The charming fellow had moved on by the time police arrived, no doubt seeking other women to sweep off their feet with his smooth moves.

Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013

10:33am – A man reported that he was held up by two African-American males at the Amtrak station. One who pulled a knife on him and demanded his wallet. They got away and the victim was unharmed.

11:20am - A woman was walking her dog on Ferry Street when a man, apparently her neighbor, followed her in his car, yelling and calling her names. The woman told police she had asked the man to turn down his music the night before. This was his way of saying no.

11:33am – A boat was stolen from Morello Avenue, taken out into San Pablo Bay, where it sunk. The Coast Guard retrieved the boat while the boat thieves swam to shore. Where are the sharks when you need them?

2:11pm – A Green Street resident reported that a nearby homeowner did not subscribe to a monthly garbage pickup service, but instead chose to burn his refuse in the fireplace. That decision, while thrifty, also creates an odiferous conundrum in the neighborhood, and the resident wanted it explained to the garbage burner that a less adventurous olfactory option had to be explored.

8:58pm – A man at the 7-Eleven on Morello Avenue reported being approached by a young man on a dirt bike, who asked him for money. When the young man was refused the money, he broke the windshield of the man’s car. Police arrived and, through handcuffs and Miranda-rights reading, explained that such behavior leads to no good outcome.

Dena R February 06, 2013 at 05:38 PM
Someone came into our backyard last night and stole our recycling....I hate THEIVES!!!
Gary Etscheid February 06, 2013 at 06:21 PM


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