Police Log - A Rash Of Angry Girlfriends, Badly Dressed Bong Hitters, Greek Cafe Adventure

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log, March 8 - March 10, and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

8:30 am – A definite candidate for the “least likely to be attending Harvard this year” category: a person described as a male juvenile discreetly dressed in a red hat and red shirt, across from the Martinez Adult School on Alhambra Avenue, was seen doing bong hits. He was gone by the time police arrived, no doubt in search of ice cream and donuts.

9:10 am – Some log entries are just fine the way they are: “occurred on Brown Street. Unknown subjects in the house, naked female in the house. Yelling heard.”

3:19 pm – A cow owner reported an ongoing concern that “people,” presumably high school people, are walking around on his property behind the high school football field, and leaving the gate open. This allows the cattle to enter and mingle with the world of people. This is not a good thing for either species.

3:27 pm – Portrait of Martinez: a man was reported passed out on a bench in front of the California Check Cashing Store in the Muir Station Shopping Center. He was holding, to absolutely no one’s surprise, an empty bottle of alcohol.

Friday, March 9, 2012

12:48 am – Police received word that a woman in a blue hoody and jeans was less than happy with her ex-boyfriend, and expressing her discomfiture by kicking and throwing things at his pickup truck, parked in front of his Pine Street home. Police arrived and prevailed upon her to cease her truck demolition by arresting her for possession of methamphetamine.

2:57 am – A man on Vista Glen Drive, who also had an angry ex-girlfriend, had that girlfriend pound on his window, then pound on the door, then pound on him when he opened said door. Unable to gain entry and apparently exhausted from all that pounding, the ex-girlfriend then laid down in his driveway and refused to move.

4:20 am – A woman on Roanoke Drive, distressed at the sound of her neighbors having a very loud altercation, notified the police. Shortly after police arrived, the fight was over and three people were arrested, at least one for possession of methamphetamine.

3:40 pm – Might we at last find out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried? A woman walked into the Police Department and showed them a text message she received regarding a hidden body. She did not recognize the phone number from which the text was sent. Police filed a report, but no word on the status of the body.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

1:47 am – A man attempting to cross Richardson Street found himself leaping out of the way to avoid being the victim of a woman in a Jeep Cherokee with a wine glass in one hand (presumably the steering wheel in the other) who then kept driving northbound on Alhambra Avenue.

11:39 am – A man in Yanni’s Café on Alhambra Avenue was apparently having a one-man party – a customer reported the man, in a tan shirt and jeans, was kicking tables, screaming and playing hard rock on his phone. The police checked it out and said things seemed ok. Greeks, right?

12:00 pm – It’s a good bet these guys are not going to get rich with this particular fund-raising approach – two men in black jackets were reported at Waterfront Park asking for money from passersby. Apparently, the most notable thing about them was the smell of alcohol emanating from their persons. Police invited them to stop asking for money, sober up and move along.

Marlene Lerner-Bigley March 16, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Jim, I'm so happy that you rewrite the police logs. I was laughing my a** off! Thanks for making my Friday!
Carolyn Hill March 17, 2012 at 01:01 AM
I resent your negative comment about the man in front of the check cashing store in Nob Hill shopping Cyrus.


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