Murder Suspect: A Cycle Of Drugs, Alcohol And Violence

Jason Castillo is in jail on suspicion of killing Cecelia Kingsley on Saturday night.

People familiar with murder suspect Jason Castillo paint a portrait of a nice young man possibly troubled by mental illness, and falling into a cycle of drugs, alcohol and violence.

Castillo, 25 years old, was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of murdering 47-year-old Cecilia Kingsley, with whom witnesses say he had an ongoing relationship. Kingsley was killed after a fight with Castillo on the steps of the Chamber of Commerce office, which shares space with the Amtrak Station. He is being held on $1 million bail.

People familiar with Castillo say he was a skilled and helpful young man when sober. But as drugs and alcohol took their toll, he became violent, sometimes reacting to hallucinations. 

Kingsley had no known address at the time of her death. Castillo had a Concord address. 


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