A Racist Encounter, Toothless Brawl, Doorway Bonfire, And Motel Room Burglary

The following information was taken from the Daily Police Log, March 12 to March 17, and rewritten by Martinez Patch.

Monday, March 12, 2012

8:35am – A man on Bayshore Street advised police that a check he wrote for $20 to a young girl who had been soliciting door to door in February had been changed, presumably by the girl, to read $120. The man was not at all pleased by the change, and police took a report.

9:23am – An ambulance was summoned for the driver of a car that hit an oak tree at the corner of Morello Avenue and Arnold Drive.

9:59am – In an incident that seems more appropriate to a police log 50 years ago, a woman reported that she was outside a store on Alhambra Avenue with her teenage children when a car containing one male adult and four male teenagers drove by and yelled racial epithets at them, including “we will kill you, n******,” and “white power.” Martinez Patch would like to ask the California Department of Motor Vehicles how it is that persons so obviously low on the evolutionary ladder were issued a license to drive?

4:00pm – An elderly man wearing light blue jeans and a grey t-shirt was reported to be extremely intoxicated inside Launderland on Alhambra Avenue, to the point where he urinated on himself, before leaving to continue walking down Alhambra Avenue.

9:13pm – A 50-year-old man outside of Baskin Robbins on Arnold Drive, described as five feet tall, 200 pounds, in a grey sweatshirt and jeans, with no teeth, tried to start a fight with another man by throwing toilet paper at him. Police arrived and broke up the fight by arresting the toothless gentleman for being drunk in public.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

9:04am – The owner of Old Time Antiques on Ferry Street advised police that a group of people were making themselves very much at home in her doorway over the past couple of weeks, to the point of making a bonfire one chilly night.

10:06am – A woman on Donegal Way got the call we all wait for: a man phoned to tell her that she won $2 million and a new car. The caller told her he would be over to bring the truck and the check. The woman called her banker, who advised her to call police. She did, but the log doesn’t indicate what happened next.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11:40am – A man in a gray sweater was reported sleeping in the Subway restaurant on Alhambra Avenue. Before his nap, the man had apparently been sitting in a booth for a couple of hours, and refused to vacant the premises when so requested. The police arrived and, after charging him with being drunk in public, escorted him to the county jail, where he would not be asked to leave for a somewhat longer period of time.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

7:45am – When a guest at the John Muir Inn on Muir Station Road went to sleep the previous night, the lights in his room were out. When he awoke the next morning, the lights were on. But far more disturbing was the fact that his wallet was gone. He lost his driver’s license, debit card and credit card, and probably the ability to sleep soundly through the next few nights.

8:30am – A resident near Reliez Valley Road and Horizon Drive, both narrow two-lane streets, reported that a woman had been driving at least 90 mph, passing cars and once almost hitting the reporting party. The police made a note of the issue and promised to keep an eye out for her.

10:54am – A pair of mountain bikes and three air compressors were stolen from a locked garage on Franklin Canyon Road the night before. Police took a report.

11:09am – A man reported that he lost his wallet in San Bernadino County eight years ago. Recently, while going through a background check for a new job, there were several criminal charges on his record the man said he never did, but was instead the work of the person who found his wallet and began using his Social Security number.

Friday, March 16, 2012

5:47am – A work van was stolen from in front of a home on Hull Lane.

8:42pm – Four students were caught drinking on campus, and were detained in the cafeteria. Given that, it’s a good thing they weren’t caught drinking at the cemetery; who knows where they would have been detained.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

9:25am – A woman contacted police to report that a man was using one of the library’s computers to visit pornography sites. She had alerted library staff, but by then the man had reportedly cleared the browser. The officers who responded advised the woman, but exactly what they told her is not in the log. And no word on if they advised the man looking allegedly looking up porn sites on a public computer.

10:12am – A resident living near the intersection of Roanoke Drive and Chattswood Drive reported that a black sedan had been parked overnight on the street, and worried that someone was living in it because it was “filled with stuff and also a boxer in the front seat.” No word on if they meant a dog, or someone resembling Rocky Balboa.

10:49am – A smash-and-grab, where one or more people decide to break a car window and take what’s inside, occurred on F Street. In this case, the front and rear passenger windows were broken, and a wallet, checkbook, $20 in cash and makeup were stolen. That’s a lot of broken glass for not much in return.

11:24am – An apparently not-so-promising musical career came to a crashing halt when a man decided to play the guitar in front of the Lucky store on Arnold Drive to see if he could win some fans and spare change. The management, playing the role of Simon Cowell, asked him to leave. When he refused, police were called. By the time they arrived, however, the would-be star had gotten the hint and moved on.

1:24pm – A man who occupied a seat in the Jack in the Box restaurant on Alhambra Avenue finally went to sleep, and restaurant staff could not, try as they might, wake him up. Police had much better luck, however, and arrested the man for being drunk in public.

6:34pm – A man was reportedly trying to run people over by going the wrong way at the corner of Alhambra Avenue and Main Street. He was gone by the time police arrived.



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