Man Dies of Apparent Overdose Outside San Ramon Lucky's

A citizen tried to administer CPR on the man, but he was declared dead when firefighters arrived.

A man in his early 20s died outside of in San Ramon after apparently overdosing from a drug Friday afternoon, San Ramon Police Lt. Dan Pratt said.

A citizen in the Crow Canyon Commons Shopping Center parking lot contacted emergency personnel after noticing someone in a car having a medical emergency at about 12:15 p.m.

The citizen recieved instructions from dispatch on how to preform CPR on the man. firefighters arrived within three minutes of being notified and declared the mad dead on scene, San Ramon Valley Fire Chief Richard Price said.

The person who tried to save the man reported there was a syringe next to him in the car.

"It appears to be the case of an overdose," Pratt said in a email.

The case is still under investigation.

Patch will update this story when more information becomes available.


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Katie August 09, 2012 at 06:53 AM
His name is John Klein and he was an amazing person who made a mistake. He will always be remembered and loved by his friends and family.
server August 11, 2012 at 05:04 AM
I've known the Klein family for the last four years as their server. Veal Milanese and a Roy Rogers always and never changed. John was a great kid, and a great musician. To my regulars The Klein Family my Heart and prayers are with you i"m so sorry for your loss!
Debora Killeen August 13, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Hello again to those that might want to know. We will be having a wonderful speaker on Monday night, 7:30pm at the Nar-Anon Danville Grange Meeting, August 13th. If you want to hear about how a recovering addict is changing their life please come and listen with us on Monday night. Nar-Anon is a place for Family and Friends of addicts addicted to drugs. You do not have to be a parent only so if you know someone who is using drugs please come and hear this story and many others. It is the best way to relate and to release with love for those parents and friends of drug addicts. We meet every Monday night. See you there!
Petra Leuver August 28, 2012 at 04:25 AM
There used to be one. It was called the Discovery Center for Teens. I used to hang out there with friends. Counselors were on hand while we played pool. It was behind the Foster Freeze. Unfortunately it grew and became profit oriented. No longer accessible unless through a formal network.... :(
Petra Leuver August 28, 2012 at 04:36 AM
Well said. It seems it is this need to point the finger at someone, anyone that is creating a culture which tolerates only one choice out of two --good or bad. How difficult it must be for youth to mature in an environment that has such limited options. Many factors contribute to how we cope with life's stressors. Temperament which is genetically determined or where we are along a vast age continuum when we deal with certain experiences or trauma (not necessarily the overly simplified ABC Sunday night at the movies kind). We should all love humanity and we should all be weeping for one of lost little ones.


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