Joe Pa's Conduct Was Inexcusable

Penn State's head coach helped enable people who hurt the people they were charged with protecting, says Patch user Alex Cortlund.

Admittedly old and “old school”, I have a point of view I want to express concerning the recent Penn State tragedy/outrage.

So like the sanctimonious conduct of the Catholic Church related to their long history of tolerating the sexual abuse of children by priests, Joe Pa joined the ranks of bishops and other church officials in protecting the "sacred" interests of their institutions, at the expense of past, present and future helpless and trusting children.

The crimes of commission by the soulless pederasts are horrific and obvious. The crimes of omission by these self proclaimed (and often foolishly supported by their loyal mobs) paragons of virtue, enable these crimes and they, by their inaction, become and accessories after the fact to these outrages.

Whether or not the law can or will convict this secondary band of cowards of their crimes, let public decency honor the countless victims of the crimes by not trivializing or minimizing the shamefulness of these criminal acts. If the shoe fits, even a Prince of the Church or a “great and noble” iconic sports figure must wear it.

Concerning the aftermath of the righteous, albeit clumsily administered, firing of Joe Paterno, his mob of fans and supporters showed their contempt for law and order, as did the icon they rallied for, in a more subtle but no more honorable fashion. Who is rallying in support of the victims in this case and how have they become so incidental to the discussion?

Thanks for there opportunity to express my opinion.

Alex Cortlund November 13, 2011 at 01:47 AM
To the credit of many Penn State fans and supporters there was a pro victim rally on Saturday--cudos to these good and honorable folks.


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