The Fever, the Musical, and You

Having several colds, with a fever, dreaming up a musical, and a reminding people to be prepared.

During this lovely summer weather, I have had cold after cold, and a fever.  In the spell of my fever, I dreamed the first two acts of my soon-to-be-a-hit musical. It’s the story of Dwayne, a young man searching for a job in the big city, but no one will even talk to him!

I have to thank cold and flu season for this moment of creative genius, and I’m here to remind you that cold and flu season is already here. It’s time to stock up on the things you need. First, check your medicine cabinets and throw away any medicines that have expired. The last thing you want when you come home from work, bleary eyed is trying to figure out what year this is, because it will be too hard to do, if you get this bug.

Then, take stock of what you need for colds and buy it. Don’t wait until you are sick and you have to ask someone to get you your favorite cough drops, because they will come back with something that tastes like cherry, and you hate cherry. Buy yourself the fluffy, lotion laden tissues for that sore nose that you are going to have. Have the pain relievers ready. Go out and buy some foods that you know you can eat when you don’t feel good like chicken soup, apple sauce, and crackers.

In my musical, Dwayne, our hero, is leaving a building after being told that there are no jobs available. He starts singing, “Why can’t you say, ‘Dwayne, glad to meet you?’” He starts dancing and everyone on the street joins in, shaking hands, twirling, smiling. It’s a feel good song that will get your toes tapping. When you see the cheerleader, postal worker, corporate woman, and others dancing in formation in this high energy dance, you will smile.

Smiling will be much easier if you actually stay healthy, and don’t get a cold. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases encourages hand washing, staying away from sick people, and sneezing or coughing into your elbow to prevent the spread of viruses. They also mention alternative medicines like taking your Vitamin C, and using Echinacea and Zinc. Do you have Vitamin C? You might want to check the expiration date if you do, and if you don’t, slip a bottle in your cart right next to the tissues.

I have to add, eat well, cut out the sugar, and stay hydrated by drinking water. Don’t skimp on the sleep either. Studies have shown that getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is one of the best  ways to boost your immunity. And people, if you are sick, you should stay home to prevent your virus from spreading.

Meanwhile, Dwayne wonders the streets of the big city and starts thinking he should change. He thinks maybe he should change his hair or clothes or maybe his goals. Then a guy in fitted, black leather biker attire tells him, “You gotta be you!” This starts the next song. “I just gotta be me. You just gotta be you. We are here to discover, what we want to do.” Next a woman from the Renaissance Faire and a bunch of guys dressed like the original Star Trekies (gotta have the geeks) all get together and do a modern dance number with big swings, lifts, and dramatic arm movements like you’d see on, “So, You Think You Can Dance.”

That’s the fever and the musical. As for you, you need to stay healthy, and prepare for cold and flu season, because someone may sneeze on you. Did you know a sneeze travels between 35 to 100 miles per hour and forces approximately 40,000 aerosol droplets thick with virus to propel through the air landing 3 to 5 feet away? So you gotta cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, preferably with your elbow.  As for me, I’m going to keep working on my soon-to-be-a-hit musical, since I already have  a story line, a couple catchy songs, ideas for choreography, costumes, hair and makeup, props… and I’m finally feeling better.

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