Hillary Clinton or Kim Kardashian?

This is the second entry of blog for Dads who think much about their family and what it means in the modern world.

In my previous post I spoke about being a dad in the 21st Century and since I wrote last, I now have another daughter. Two daughters, I wonder what my 25 year-old self would say? He would probably cringe at the thought. Hell, I cringe at the thought. How do you raise two independent woman in a world where on the one hand you have the Hillary Clinton model and on the other you have the Kim Kardashian model?

The Hillary Clinton model: work hard, get an education and fight like hell for your place in the world. Become the most powerful First Lady in the history of the United States and then get criticized for it. Stand by a philandering husband. Many woman would ask why Hillary did that; I think she thought it was more than just Bill that was at stake. After that episode, she becomes a very successfuul Senator. Then two years later would run one hell of a presidential campaign.

Hillary defined what it means to be a modern woman for a generation of baby boomers and some post-boomers. After which she becomes one of the most effective Secretary of States in the modern history of the United States. She shows little girls and women everywhere that strength does not lie just in your looks but in your smarts and perseverance over obstacles, despite that half the world has a vendetta against you.

Or do you choose the Kim Kardashain model? You become famous for being famous. You live the glamorous life. You have perfumes and clothing lines named after you. You have your own reality show. You have stores on the strip in Las Vegas. You are revered by young woman everywhere. Some may say you are a savvy business woman because you are everywhere all the time and making beacoup dollars on your own. Some say there is power in the personality that is Kim Kardashian.

Two different woman, representing two different generations of woman. All I can think about is what kind of influence did their Dads have on them. I know a bit about Kim Kardashian's dad because of the OJ trial, but I do not know much about what Hillary's dad was like.

All I know is now I have two daughters and I would want them to pursue their dreams but be strong women who want to run the world in their own right. I want them to be women who are strong, intelligent and beautiful in their own right. I would not want them to be exploited or exploit their beauty for the value that it beholds. I want them to be deep enough to appreciate the intricacy of the world but also be able to show that beauty is something to behold both on the surface and deep within your mind.

So would I want my daughters to be Kim Kardashian or Hillary Clinton? I would like my daughters to be admired for the beauty that Kim Kardashian holds but the intelligence and strength of charecter that Hillary Clinton has. Is it bad that I would want it both ways?

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Emily Henry (Editor) June 01, 2012 at 01:55 PM
Jim, thank you for sharing your thoughts on such an interesting and heartfelt topic. I don't think it's bad at all that you want the best of both worlds for your daughters. In fact, they'll no doubt have to face many "Hillary vs. Kim" moments in their lives. But a supportive and loving dad is all they need to find their way. I'm grateful to mine for valuing both social and intellectual beauty (being a thriving member of a society, as well as an independent thinker), and teaching me to pursue the best version of myself.


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