Happy Almost Halloween Martinez

Share your Halloween-ness with your friends and neighbors at the Martinez Patch Halloween Open Blog.

Got Halloween fever yet?  Is the yard covered in big spider webs?  Is there a witch in the tree?

Martinez Patch has a place where you can share your Halloween spirit (pun intended) with your friends and neighbors.  It’s an open blog where you can share photos related to Halloween, add announcements about Halloween activities in Martinez and ask and answer questions about Halloween.  Just click on the links above and add your thoughts, pictures or announcements.

The burning questions we want answered as quickly as possible are:

1)   Which Martinez neighborhood has the best Halloween decorations?

2)   What are the best and safest neighborhoods in Martinez for kids to go trick-or-treating??

3)    What is your favorite Halloween treat?

We’ve added a couple of pictures to get the blog started.

Here are some other Halloween related stories in case you missed them:

The Horror of Little Girls’ Halloween Costumes

Share Your Costume Ideas for Halloween

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