Police: Counterfeit $ at Cigarettes Cheaper Nets 2 Arrests

A Martinez man and a Hercules man were using counterfeit $20 bills, Hercules police reported, and charged with possession of stolen property.

Two adult males were reportedly attempting to use fraudulent money at Cigarettes Cheaper on the 1500 block fo Sycamore Avenue, Hercules, on Tuesday. 

Patch has learned that a Hercules resident and a Martinez resident were arrested for the crime, according to the Hercules Police Department: 

The reporting party said two adult males were attempting to make a purchase with fraudulent money. The males were located in front of Big Lots.  27 year old Justin Conlon, of Martinez, was determined to have a felony $25k warrant out of Napa County, for possession of stolen property.  25 year old Brandon Thomas-Harris, of Hercules was in possession of 3 fraudulent $20 bills. Harris was identified as the person who made a purchase with $20 bills, and attempted to make another purchase with two additional counterfeit $20 bills.

Both subjects were associated with a vehicle parked in the parking lot.  The vehicle was towed Incident to the arrest, as it was parked on private property.  An inventory check was conducted and two large black suitcases were found in the vehicle.  The suitcases contained mail, and various documents. 

The items came from a large number of victims, living in 20 different Cities, spanning four Counties.  Conlon was arrested for the outstanding warrant and Possession of Stolen Property. Thomas-Harris was arrested for Burglary (entering a business with the intent to commit theft), Possession of Counterfeit Money, Possession of Stolen Property, and Passing Counterfeit Money. Both suspects were transported to the Martinez Detention Facility. This incident is still under investigation.

This story originated on Hercules Patch.

Chris J Kapsalis April 05, 2013 at 05:19 AM
I ended up with a counterfit $50 bill back in the 80's and told the bank. I never got reinbursed nor was their any investigation if I can rememeber back. Check your bills. I check mine if $50 or $100, but not 20's usually, just a quick check. However, they check them at stores and should, and you should when you get them even from stores or banks, because if you end up with one you may unknowly use a counterfit bill. Also you do not get reinbursed, which I believe is wrong. If you want to combat counterfitting, you should reimburse peopel, or they may just try to pass it on, if they know they will lose, then pled ignorence. It is harder today, but not that hard. I forget the percent they get at the banks, but it is high. Todays scanners and with the irght kind of fancy paper you can buy at any Staples, people can make a note that looks real, feels real, especailly in low lilght, so definitly check it in the light and the other ways.
Robinson Crusoe April 05, 2013 at 04:22 PM
I remember in highschool a friend printed a $5 just to see and it looked and felt real. He threw it out because he was scared but I bet you could spend $5s and $1sall day and noone would be the wiser.


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