Student Makes Headphones From Used Cans

Young entrepreneur likes to use recycled parts to make new things.

Kevin Vizcaino


In the music business, headphones are known as ‘cans.’ They have a definite can-like appearance as they rest on your ears.

These days, though, most people wear ear buds, those tiny white cylinders that come with iPods, iPhones and the like. For some, they might be great, but for many, they don’t fit very well, and the fidelity is less than good.

Enter 16-year-old Kevin Vizcaino. He makes ‘cans’ out of actual cans, and sells them at a cost that’s bound to make even Apple nervous.

“When I was a kid,” he said, “I used to take apart my toys. That just kept going and going.”

Today, Vizcaino takes used speaker, wires and other parts, and soda cans, which he then fashions into lightweight headphones. He sells the result for $10.

“I have a large pile of broken-down and taken-apart electronics at home,” Vizcaino said. “One day I came up with the idea of putting something cylindrical around some speakers and making my own headphones. I looked around and saw a soda can.”

Since then, he’s been making headphones for friends and others around Alhambra High. He said they’re also very popular with folks at garage and yard sales.

So what about the next step—taking the big leap into a business of his own?

“I’ve thought about branching out,” he said, “but the obvious thing you have to do first is get a patent, and that’s very expensive. I’m looking around for a deal with a soda company.”

Vizcaino’s own headphones are used to listen to his iPod Nano, which he wears on a wristband like a watch.

So what about after he leaves high school?

“I obviously want to get into the electronics business,” he said. “I have a high interest in electric vehicles and that kind of energy technology.”

If you have an interest in purchasing these headphones, contact Vizcaino at makeitso94@gmail.com.

Chris J Kapsalis October 03, 2012 at 12:11 AM
The next billionaire.
Kevin Vizcaino October 03, 2012 at 12:45 AM
Hello this is Kevin, yes the one mentioned above, my email is in fact makeitso94@gmail.com sorry about any mix ups!
Jim Caroompas (Editor) October 03, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Sorry, Kevin. I'll fix that in the story, too.


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