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Do you have a question about Real Estate but don't know who to ask? Get them answered here without any pressure or commitment.

Do you have a question about real estate but don't know who to ask?

Today's  real estate market is more complex than it has ever been because of the mix of short-sales, bank owned properties, and traditional equity sales. Some areas are going up, while others are going down or staying still. I have found that there is so much conflicting and confusing information that sometimes people just don't know what to believe.

Here is your chance to ask a professional realtor those burning questions you might have about real estate in the East Bay, with no pressure or commitment.

Ask your questions about East Bay real estate in the comments below and I will answer them right away. .


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Do you have a question about real estate? Leave it in the comments below and Craig will get back to you with an answer. 

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Craig Bosse May 30, 2012 at 12:18 AM
Here you go-- http://walnutcreek.patch.com/blog_posts/ask-the-realtor-average-price-per-sq-ft-of-walnut-creek-homes Hope that helps!
Jen Eric June 05, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I guess my question involves investment property (rentals) in Walnut Creek. I am interested in a good neighborhood, and obviously a good school sequence. Presuming one has the 20% down payment, it seems to me that in the present market one needs to look at investing. For a 1750-2000+ sq ft home, rents are in the range $3000-3500. Financing 80% of a $650K home at 3.5%,30 years gives a PI = $2335/mo. Figure property taxes&homeowners at another $800/mo and PITI ~ $3135. This has glossed over several things (tax deduction, maintenance, any recovery in housing market). BUT, it seems like such investment timing is good right now at the present prices. Any thoughts?
Craig Bosse June 07, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Hi Jen, I would agree. Right now prices are rising and are equal to about where they were 10 years ago, which doesn't normally happen. I think that buying in a good neighborhood with good schools will not give you the cash flow that a similarly priced multi-unit property in a less desirable city will but in the long run will have more appreciation. You may have already considered this, but the tenants will most likely be better also. The only downside to buying right now is that inventory is way down.. About 65% in Walnut Creek. Here's the link to that article - http://www.craigbosse.com/homes-needed-inventory-65-walnut-creek/ Here is the last market update I did for May (June coming soon) http://www.craigbosse.com/home-prices-edge-walnut-creek-2012/ Did that answer your question?
Jen Eric June 15, 2012 at 05:07 AM
Yes, that answers me exactly. You mean inventory is down 65% from what datum - last year? last few years? just curious. Thanks...
Craig Bosse June 15, 2012 at 03:54 PM
Hi Jen Eric, That would be over the last year. The data points were taken 30-Jun-11 and 15-May-12. There were 253 properties available vs. 87. We are seeing a little more inventory coming up, which is normal for this time of year but it's still very low. I update my website with market info about once a month at http://www.craigbosse.com . Click on the "How's the market?" button.


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