Walmart Says Neighborhood Market Will Be Good for San Ramon

Construction has begun for the Walmart Neighborhood Market in the Country Club Village Shopping Center.

Walmart plans to open its Neighborhood Market off Alcosta Boulevard in San Ramon this fall, according to Walmart media director Delia Garcia.

Last month, Walmart awarded the construction contract to Reeve-Knight Construction to transform the empty 55,000-square-foot vacant space in the Country Club Village Shopping Center into a neighborhood market.

Walmart did not need city approval to move into the storefront, since the site was already zoned off for a grocery store. Previously, Ralph's and an independent Asian grocery store have occupied the location, which has been without a tenant since 2006.

There has been outspoken resistance to Walmart having one of its grocery stores in San Ramon.

Small protests have taken place in the Country Club Village Shopping Center.  Former Mayor H. Abram Wilson and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union , which hires non-unionized workers.

But Walmart believes the new store will be good for the local economy and its customers.

"This will bring 75 new to the community," said Garcia, the Walmart media director. "Plus, it will revitalize an existent vacant building and help attract other economic development."

Garcia said that though the jobs aren't unionized, they are quality. She said the company offers competitive pay and benefits and said there are opportunities to advance.

"We are really excited to start serving customers affordable groceries in San Ramon with all the benefits of job growth, economic development and business attraction," Garcia added.

The Neighborhood Market in San Ramon is one of 14 grocery stores the Arkansas-based company is planning to open in California this year, as it expands its grocery store chain to the West Coast. Currently, there are 168 locations nationwide, with new Northern California stores planned in Pleasanton, Hayward and the Sacramento area.

Neighborhood Markets are full-service grocery stores, selling everything shoppers would find in a regular grocery store, according to the Walmart website

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Sweeties July 12, 2012 at 09:29 PM
I see two sides from most of these posts: people who are FOR or AGAINST Walmart. What's the problem here? Like it? Shop there, give them your money. Don't like it? Then don't go. Personally, I drive from Danville to the Pleasanton store, found lots of good and interesting deals - some items are the same as local grocery stores, but 30% less.
Tom July 13, 2012 at 04:54 AM
Trus enough but I would not want to live anywhere near one.
Renae Wilber July 13, 2012 at 07:54 AM
Jim Gibbon may work for Safeway, but he is certainly not in their marketing department. As a long term resident with a knowledge of the inner-workings of this City and a personal investment in the community, I greatly respect when Mr. Gibbon speaks up on an issue. He made a very detailed and probably accurate projection of what the future may have in store once Walmart takes hold. Approximately one year ago when the City denied to the community that a Walmart Grocery was in the works to go in at the designated area, I came forth and spoke my truth; that Greg Rogers, our City Manager had told me it was going in while working side by side with me at the 2011 Art and Wind Festival. Greg Rogers denied having told me. Some of his team referred to me as a liar. Just as clear as day, Mr. Rogers' statement to me is now coming to fruition (guess I wasn't the one lying after all), and the Walmart Grocery is in fact going in. I have very mixed emotions about this for our community, however, I will say, that when Mr. Gibbon speaks, I listen. I see a Walmart superstore, overnight campers, and meth deals in the parking lot. Oh...and before you readily dismiss this, give it a year. That's all it took for the City to finally admit that it was in the works, after all. It had been all along.
Renae Wilber July 13, 2012 at 08:02 AM
Does anyone remember this??? Duh Walmart? What Walmart? http://sanramon.patch.com/articles/rumors-spread-about-a-san-ramon-walmart
Normie Douglass August 15, 2012 at 02:49 AM
I agree with George. We love to shop at walmart for the savings and wonderful people who work there. We are retired and have lived in different states shopping at Walmart. This is the only state where we have encountered this 'snootiness' about it. Who doesn't like to save money? Don't shop there if you don't like it but leave our Walmart Grocery alone.


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