MAC Continues Site Development Application for Palomares Cafe

Palomares Cafe's owner must provide a parking assessment and design plan for the restaurant before plans to approve its application to open on Lake Chabot Road go forward.

It may take a little while longer for Palomares Cafe to reopen at its new space along Lake Chabot Road.

The voted on Monday evening to continue the restaurant's application to relocate on Lake Chabot Road after several concerns arose regarding parking and alcohol service.

. in March after

Massarweh told the MAC that paying nearly $17,000 a month for rent at drove him out of business. He said the rent at the new space is much more reasonable and was one of the only places he could find in Castro Valley where the landlord accepted a restaurant business. Every other space he was interested in only allowed for retail stores.

Despite this, he never considered relocating outside of Castro Valley.

"Castro Valley's been good to me. I have my loyal customer's over here," he said.

He wants to carry over his liquor license including the copper-topped bar from the original restaurant. For this reason, he applied for allowance of a restaurant and bar/tavern with live entertainment.

Council members were concerned about how close the new would be next to multiple alcohol-serving establishments like and .

Council chair Cheryl Miraglia was concerned with having two "taverns" — defined by Alameda County Community Development Agency staff as an establishment with an actual bar — next door to one another. "An alcohol mall in the middle of a medical district," she said, was an oxymoron.

The new location, which was previously Pizza Town, has sat vacant for more than 10 years. During the time it was open, the pizza restaurant was considered a tavern according to the county's planning department staff.

The former Sazio Ristorante Italiano on Redwood Road, a restaurant which was torn down to make room for a new neighboring medical office building, was also a considered a tavern.

Other council members were concerned of the parking being shared with the other neighboring businesses in the small L-shaped shopping space. Members referred to it as one of the most blighted properties on the block.

By the end of the discussion, the council motioned to continue Massarweh's application once he receives a parking assessment with neighboring businesses and puts together a design plan for the eatery and property as a whole.

A date for that meeting has yet to be set.

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Ken Martin July 13, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Earl, the MAC is not elected. You get appointed to it by smoozing Miley. Hence the lack the lack of common sense
Darrell S. Lavin July 14, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Hey Ken. I hope you are doing well. You've got to admit, that what you are describing is the lack of control that we have since we are unincorporated and that this kind of makes you realize that incorporation, which would give us self-control rather than county control, would be a good thing!
Ken Martin July 16, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Hi, Darrell. I'm OK. Thanks for asking. But let's stay on the subject, which is NOT incorporation. It is about the lack of any functioning body to procure and/or promote business in Castro Valley. It is also about the anti-business stance of the MAC and the County and what can we do about it. Maybe, as was suggested earlier, the MAC should be elected so it possibly wouldn't be simply a reflection of the County Supervisor. On the subject of Shebli Massarweh and the Palomares Cafe, I do see some activity at the old Pizza Town site. At least, the window coverings have changed. Hopefully, Shebli knows something we don't and is going ahead with his plans to locate there. Meanwhile, maybe we should all attend the next MAC meeting when Palomares is on the agenda and show some support for the new location and, if necessary, some disdain for MAC's attitude. As for there being three liquor outlets near the hospital, at on time there were SIX outlets in the area starting with Tony & Ted's, Sushi-ya, Sazio Riistorante, Waiting Room, Pizza Town, and the liquor store. There didn't seem to be any great number of problems then. Why does the MAC think that THREE outlets would be a problem now?
Wendy July 17, 2012 at 08:51 PM
The county apparently didn't have a problem letting Palomares Cafe open when they approved his plans and why has the MAC board taken 3 months to tell him about a parking problem. Shebli has been working long hours and spending his own money for 3 months and now may not be able to open. Castro Valley really has a problem
Ken Martin July 17, 2012 at 09:35 PM
It is important to realize that the majority of the members of the MAC are not there to serve the community, as they claim, but to raise their own personal level of self-importance. If you think not, just review the crap that they have laid on the citizenry (unless they are politically connected) in the past just to show that they have some miniscule power. These people try to get on every Board that they can find just to make sure their self-importance doesn't diminish. If you doubt this, just check each individual's record. Consequently, in their minds, the importance of the needs of the residents of Castro Valley is subjugated to the importance of their being able to show their power regardless of the fact that it may be damaging to the resident involved. They have, in the past, made rulings that were totally illegal and then laughed about it. Again, if you doubt that this is there attitude, just look at how they are treating Shebli, a citizen that is trying to make a contribution to the betterment of the community by maintaining a business that has been a proven asset to the area. Maybe we need a revolution to unseat the whole bunch and start over again. We should have started by electing Tojo Thomas!!


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