Gas Lines Like It's The 1970s: Last Day To Redeem Those Safeway Gas Rewards

People were lining up all day at the Pleasant Hill Safeway gas station to cash in those reward points.

The line snaked its way through the parking lot as cars lined up for gas. It looked like a scene out of the 1970s, when OPEC decided to stop shipping oil to the west and gas prices shot through the roof, causing people to wait in long lines at the gas pump.

But Tuesday's line was only at one station - the Safeway gas station on Contra Costa Blvd. - and the customers there were anxious to cash in on some of the cheapest gas around. And the wait was only a few minutes, at most. 

For the past several months, Safeways around the county have been handing out gas reward points. For each dollar Safeway shoppers spend on select items, one point is awarded. 100 points equals ten cents off a gallon. Today was the last day to redeem those points for the month, and a lot of people waited until today to cash them in, apparently. 

Did you save any money on gas from this program? Share your experience with us in the comments.

Lance Howland July 31, 2012 at 11:09 PM
1973. Trip to Florida. Gas lines 50 cars deep. Dad's blue Impala. Heavy. Save gas by not keeping the engine idling. My brother and I push that battleship along the side of the road into the gas stations. Character builder. My brother and I qualify for Olympic weightlifting in 1976. (one sentence of this tale is fiction)


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