Chamber of Commerce Names New CEO

Mary Peinado comes from the Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce, and begins her new position in Martinez tomorrow.

While chatting with Martinez Chamber of Commerce Board president Marie Knutson Saturday during the annual downtown cleanup event, she mentioned that the chamber had hired a new CEO. 

Her name is Mary Peinado, and she comes from the Chamber of Commerce in Rio Vista. She begins her tenure May 1.

"Ah, that's great," I said. "Tell me about it, and I can get the scoop on the News Gazette." 

So Knutson went on camera and made a brief announcement, which I'm pleased to share here. Meanwhile, however, the Gazette got the jump on me in Sunday's edition, because of their vast media empire, which includes the shores of Rio Vista. 

So here is the Gazette story, and the video where Knutson makes her announcement. It will at least explain why there are garbage bins in the background of the interview. 


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