The Great Escape: Seeing Life Through a Lens

Take your photography hobby up a notch

Calling all shutterbugs … or anyone looking for a fun, creative outlet. If photography is one of your hobbies, stop going it alone: Band with others who share your passion. How about grabbing your CyberShot (or your Leica, whatever your preferred camera) and heading out to a ? The next meeting of the club will be held Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 7 p.m. at the , Court and Susana streets, Martinez.

What is the benefit of checking out a meeting, you’re wondering?

Along with bonding with your photo-snapping peers, you can improve your skills and compete with other amateurs in a fun, informal setting.

The Club meets at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. They use the first month’s meetings to educate members on various techniques, plan field trips, visit and discuss photography. The second meeting is a judged competition.

Some of the club’s most recent endeavors include a summer scavenger hunt, with items on the list such as a covered bridge, writing on a water tower, a building painted purple and a church with a visible bell. What resulted were a collection of fantastic images.

Visit the web page at http://3013855.photoclubservices.com or log on to the blog http://diablovalleycameraclub.wordpress.com/newsletter to see some of the members' photographs.

For information, email diablovalleycameraclub@yahoo.com.


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