Melody Guy Comes To Roxx's On Main Tonight

Singer/songwriter is winning praise from fans far and wide, and has been a part of Martinez music history.

Melody Guy has generated what they call in show business a lot of "buzz." That simply means people are talking about her, which is exactly what singer/songwriters want. In a field crowded with too many genres, too many performers, and very little real talent, it is not easy to get people to notice, let alone talk about you.

Guy brings her considerable singing and songwriting skills to the intimacy of tonight. The show begins at 7 p.m., and there is a suggested $5 donation.

She has lately become the talk of the town, generating the kind of excitement among local musicians that points to the fact that she's indeed someone special.

Danny White, owner of and member of the Americana band The Hopeful Romantics, was downright effusive about her skills.

"She is definitely worth seeing," he said. "Her voice is just amazing, and her songs knocked me out when she was at Armando's a couple of weeks ago."

Speaking of , the proprietor of that establishment, Roy Jeans, who sees hundreds of acts a year come through his place, was equally excited about Guy's abilities.

"She's just great," he said. "She really knows how to reach that place in people that very few songwriters know how to get to."

The word is that Guy used to be a regular a decade ago at the Ferry Street Station karaoke night. It's also been pointed out that she made a few appearances at open mikes nights at the Cafe Romano, a former Martinez coffee house and the birthplace of the Martinez Music Society.

These days, Guy is also the talk of the music industry. She has garnered praise from critics from Nashville and Hollywood.

It's a great time to go see one of the hottest new talents on the scene today, at a warm and intimate setting downtown.


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