House Season 8 Episode 18 Online (NO SURVEYS)

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Watch House Season 8 Episode 18 ONLINE now (NO SURVEYS! NO DOWNLOADS! GUARANTEED!). Are you searching for House's fast loading and high definition FULL VIDEO? Join the thousands of those who already experienced the satisfying entertainment brought to you by House. This is totally FREE.


House Season 8 Episode 18 ONLINE

The 18th episode of the 8th season of House is here and is offered for free to watch online. If you have your internet connection, you can start watching the latest episode of House on schedule. Enjoy watching!


House Season 8 Episode 18 ONLINE


While the team treats a boy who dreams that he’s being choked and can’t breath for real, the doctors consider the significance of dreams. Meanwhile, Dominika learns a secret about House.

Watch House Season 8 Episode 15 - Blowing the Whistle Watch Pretty Little Liars Online. Alison, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer are best friends; the popular group at Rosewood High School. At a sleep over party, mysteriously, queen bee Alison disappears, leaving the rest of her crew clueless. The mystery went on for a year, but finally her body was found and the missing person’s case turned into a murder. The girls start getting harassing text messages from a unknown number from “A”. Each message to each girl was a secret that only Alison knew, and no one else. Everyone thought it was Alison sending the secret messages until they found her lifeless body. The girls are now on a quest to figure out who “A” is and how they found out their secrets.

A 22-year-old minor-league hockey player collapses while coughing up blood after a fight on the ice. Meanwhile, House drops a bomb on Wilson; and Chase offers to help Park change her living situation.

Henry is very guarded about his girlfriend Amy, and Adams suspects he has no girlfriend, but is instead secretly a junkie. A search of his apartment reveals no evidence of drug abuse, but they do find a very lifelike sex doll – “Amy.” When Henry starts running a fever, the team rethinks their diagnoses. Adams thinks there are neurological issues (which, if they exist, seem more psychological than neurological to me), but Chase thinks there are no neurological concerns; Henry is just weird. House suspects a bacterial infection caught from using (and reusing) Amy, but she is clean. The team does notice a strange swelling in her side and obtain a CT, which shows an irregular air-filled area. Chase suspects this may be Clostridium  (Clostridium perfringens, a bacteria which causes gas gangrene, and food poisoning), but once again, the test is normal. A short time later, Henry collapses, wheezing. From the description, it sounds like he has pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs). The team now considers heart failure due to anemia, DIC  (disseminated intravascular coagulation), or lung disease caused by inhaling silicone particles. House agrees with the last option and has the patient started on plasmapheresis.

That night, Henry starts hallucinating. On exam, the team notices some right upper quadrant abdominal distention and also deduces he has liver failure. The differential diagnosis now consists of vasculitis (blood vessel inflammation) or hepatic fibrosis (with secondary pulmonary A/V shunts). House starts the patient on steroids.


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