American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio at the Martinez Marina

Tonight's your last chance to catch The Circus while it's in town.

If you've lived in Martinez for any length of time you know the drill. Come the start of summer a big top billows up into the (usually) clear blue sky at the Martinez Marina. The concession stands go up and the port-o-potties are lined up against the back of the tent (tip: bring hand sanitizer with you to this show as there are no sinks to wash your hands after using the commode. With small kids this can be problematic).

When you go to the American Crown Circus and Circo Osorio  (hereby dubbed "The Circus") don't expect to see a Barnum and Bailey or Cirque de Soleil caliber show. This is a small operation that relies on a small 6-person cast, a dog, a rabbit and a miniature horse, not to mention the folks who man the concessions stand, the ticket booth and the door.

The Circus is perfect for small children who are usually intimidated by flamboyant clowns, loud cracking whips and people in costumes.If you can get past the mini-commercials for coloring books, popcorn, cotton candy, light-up sabers and bacon dogs this is a great family outing. And if you like extra cheese with your entertainment (as I do) don't miss it. The last shows are tonight at 5:30 and 7:30.

To get there: take Ferry Street into the Marina Park and make the last right before the street dead ends. There you will find a big tent. The ticket booth does accept credit/debit cards in addition to cash.


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