The Clouds Are Rolling In

Gray clouds in Martinez signal a chance of spring showers for tonight and tomorrow. So, when will the sun return?

The cloud cover over Martinez Wednesday captured a humid heat and dulled the sunny skies of spring with the threat of rain.

The evening brings a 70 percent chance of showers, which decreases to 40 percent Thursday late morning, according to the National Weather Service

Temperatures will also drop over the next couple of days, dipping to the mid 50's Wednesday night, while Thursday afternoon's high will be 60 degrees, with a low of 44 degrees in the evening.

But never fear. Spring will return Friday, with sunshine expected just in time for the weekend. A 68-degree Friday will be followed by a warmer Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures of 75 and 77 degrees respectively.

Would you like to see more rain, or uninterrupted sunny days? Tell us in the comments. 


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