New Beaver Kit Joins The Martinez Family

Now that the father has a new mate, the newest member of the Martinez beaver family has been filmed.

Some good news for fans of the Martinez beavers - a kit has been born and was filmed on July 1 by members of Worth A Dam

"The kit emerged three separate times, including a tiny kit tail slap," wrote Heidi Perryman, director of Worth A Dam, an organization formed to save the Martinez beavers. "We also heard him whine at an adult. Looks healthy and all the extended family seems to be keeping an eye on it."

Perryman said that the father has found a new mate. The mother of the three present kits died about two years ago of an infection.

"Dad has moved with what appears to be a new mate into a bank location above the footbrige," Perryman said. "Nearly two years to the day after mom died, life has officially gone on."  

Worth A Dam is seeking volunteers for this year's Beaver Festival on Aug. 4. The group is looking for handymen, artists, musicians and other people who want to help out with the five annual event, which draws several thousand people each year. 

For more information, you can email Worth A Dam at  mtzbeavers@gmail.com or call  (925) 283-4499.

Heidi Perryman July 02, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Thanks Jim! We assume when Dad left for a few months after the big washout in March 2011 he was finding a new mate. We got a tip from someone a while ago that they had seen a beaver moving a new kit on their way home from Armando's one night, and have been keeping an eye peeled since! We had almost given up hope but then we started seeing dad bring Fennel into the new place where's he living - (mom always ate fennel when she was breast feeding as it stimulates lactation!) And then last night we got very very lucky!


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