Martinez Speaks Up: Local Events, Jury Duty, Spring Swimming

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Meeting passionate people is one of the biggest perks of being a journalist. It's an honor to experience diverse perspectives and listen to what drives people, what inspires and motivates, what hurts and what heals. Traditionally, our job was to translate that passion to the page by finding words that might do it justice.

But thanks to the Internet and the ease of online publishing, passionate people can use own words, and share firsthand their experiences and expertise. 

Everyone has a story to tell, a point to add to the debate, and a perspective to share. And Martinez is a community buzzing with lively minds and voices.

This week, the topics tackled by our local voices bloggers ran the gamut. 

 provided a rundown of this weekend and through the next couple of weeks, starting with a busy Saturday cleaning up downtown, attending author Joey Piscitelli's book signing at , and browsing for treasure at the Martinez Operas' bazaar in Concord.

 shared her emotional experience during jury duty, .

 reminded us that spring is back with a splash, as the  of water aerobics, fitness lap swimming, and general natatory merriment.

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