Beaver Moon Celebration Being Held Near Martinez Bridge

Non-profit group wants residents to gather Wednesday evening to pay tribute to the city's colony of beavers

You can celebrate the moon and Martinez's beaver colony at an event organized by a local community organization.

The group Worth A Dam is gathering at 5 p.m. Wednesday, rain or shine, at the foot bridge near the city's Amtrak station downtown.

They plan to pay homage to the beaver colony that lives in the river near the bridge.

Heidi Perryman, founder of Worth A Dam, said this is a special year to celebrate because the colony's male beaver found a new mate and they have a new baby to go along with another young beaver born in 2010.

The event coincides with November's full moon, also known as the Beaver Moon or the Frost Moon.

Perryman said this is also the time of year when beavers store food underwater for the coming winter months.

This is the first time the group has organized such an event.

"We always wanted to do an event. This seemed like a good year to do it," said Perryman.

Her group was formed in 2006 when the male beaver was first spotted in the river. There have been arguments over the years whether the dams built by the beavers is destructive to the river. There have been proposals to get rid of the animals, but Perryman's group has so far prevailed in letting them stay.

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