After The Storm - A Video Essay On The Day After A Deluge

Though no damage was caused by Thursday's storm, the rain swelled Alhambra Creek and bruised the sky in the morning.

Thursday, April 12 was a day and night of storms the likes of which we don’t see often around here. The night was particularly filled with lightning and thunder, and torrential sheets of rain.

As with all serious storms, the day after has its various delights, as things and creatures settle back to normal and the swept-clean air is almost sweet.

This video captures the bruised and boiling sky on Friday morning, as more rain threatened to pummel us, only to drift by and reveal a deep blue sky.

And no post-storm day would be complete without a visit to Alhambra Creek, and a reminder (always surprising to this observer) that this ancient waterway, so pastoral and even rural in its flow and shores, runs through a busy, bustling city. 


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