Otter Mania at Hidden Lakes Park

On The Fountain
On The Fountain
Otter Mania has hit Hidden Lakes park with the whole otter family of five making early morning swims. The otters have been out in force as of late during the day since it is now winter. Mom and her 4 kids are out and swimming in the early mornings before 10am and late afternoons after 3pm. The whole family had been fishing, diving, coming on shore, and playing around and on the fountain that is currently not working.  I have been out quite a few times with my camera trying to catch them and have had some good luck.  They are not shy about having their picture taken or being watched so come on out and see the whole family.  Make sure to bring a good camera and lens to get up close and personal! Feel free to email me if you have any questions or check out the Otter Ecology Project link. http://www.riverotterecology.org/


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