Dogs of Our Lives

Stories about the dogs of my life. Who they were, what they were like, and their adventures.

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anneli and I moved here last year from Pacifica (down the coast there where the weather is perfectly fine most of the time but most people don't know this little secret) with my cat Pickles and my dog Wyatt to live with my boyfriend Andy, his daughter, their dog Curly and two cats Biscuit and Noodle. 

I thought it was meant to be as our dogs had western/cowboy type names and the cats were all named after food.  To Andy's credit, Biscuit and Noodle were named by their previous owner.

One thing for certain, we love animals. Before I left Pacifica, I volunteered with a non-profit group called Pacifica Organization of Canine Helpers - POOCH.  It is a group of dog owners who needed a fenced, off-leash area for their dogs to play since the city banned off-leash dogs at the beach. Since then, we have become a magnet for the lost and stray animals of our little neighborhood. 

First, there was the guinea fowl who somehow got stranded in our yard.  I knew my neighbor Mohammed kept birds so I went to his house and sure enough it was from his flock. 

Then, one Sunday morning as I was getting water for the coffee, I saw two dogs outside my kitchen window.  How they got into my back yard it still a mystery.  Turned out they belonged another neighbor. 

Next, was the homing pigeon with an injured wing who was perched on my front porch light fixture.  Again, to Mohammed's house.  It wasn't one of his, but now it has joined his flock. 

You would think this was enough.  Not so.  Yesterday, my newest dog, Cinderella, went running to our other neighbor's house who have a bloodhound named Blackjack.  Blackjack and Cinderella are best of friends.  They met when they were about 4 months old and have become very tight. In fact, when Cinder hears Blackjack's distinctive bark, she gets very excited and runs to the door. 

So, with that in mind, whenever we open the door we have to be careful because Cinderella will take off and run over to see if Blackjack can come out and play and most of the time, he can. But on Sunday, Cinderella found Princess in Blackjack's yard.  Princess is not her real name.  I don't know what her real name is because she wasn't wearing a collar.  We just call her that and she responds, but she would respond to anything we call her because she is a very sweet and affectionate little pitty.  She followed me home as I dragged Cinder back to our yard so I put a collar and leash on her and sent the kids around the neighborhood to see if they could find someone looking for their sweet little dog.  But no one claimed her. One guy said they could tie her to the street sign pole and he'd call animal control for them.  Not a chance!

Skip to this morning. Woke up to 3 very happy dogs.  Let them out to do their business while I fixed them breakfast.  So, if anyone recognizes this dog, please let me know. She's very very friendly, great with our dogs, kids and even the cats, though she is interested.  I'm sure as friendly as she is, someone must be missing her.  I did walk her through the neighborhood myself, and she pulled me towards a house around the corner from us, but unfortunately, this house was empty with a foreclosure notice dated June 2 posted in the window.  She pulled me through an open fence gate where there was a bunch of trash along with a dog bowl.  I hope that's not her bowl. It would just break my heart if someone left her behind.

So, like sands through the hourglass, so are the dogs of our lives.

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