Martinez Local Joey Piscitelli Book Signing at White Rabbit Boutique

A Martinez clergy abuse survivor tells about his life and winning a lawsuit against the Catholic Church in his new book, "A Witch Wins Justice."

White Rabbit Boutique will be hosting a book signing for Martinez’ own, Joey Piscitelli, Author of the book “A Witch Wins Justice” at White Rabbit Boutique on Saturday, April 28 from 2 PM to 4 PM. 


The book is a true story of our own local, Joey Piscitelli’s childhood abuse by the Salesian Order of Catholic priests when he went to an all-boys parochial school in Richmond, California.  He was raised a devout Catholic as was his family.  He was raised to revere priests as next to God.  When he experienced the abuse, he could not tell anyone for fear of retaliation.  His mother worked for the church and any problems he caused would surely cost her the job and he would get kicked out of school.  He could not tell his father or his mother because he was afraid. As he grew older, he dare not tell his family because he was afraid any action against the abusing priest would mean a life in prison for his father who surely would kill the abuser. 


This reminds me of the story of Ellie Nessler who in 1993 in Jamestown, California, shot and killed the man who sexually abused four boys, one of which was her six year old son.  Most people felt she was justified. I was one of them, I am afraid.  Mothers want to protect their children and keep them free of harm.  The animal instinct takes over and God help the person who hurt their children.  All logical thinking goes out the window and revenge is all that you can think of.


A high school friend of mine had a sister who married a man with two little girls.  She got pregnant and when she was in the hospital giving birth to his child, he sexually abused his two little girls, ages 2 and 4.  I could not believe anyone could do such a thing.  But it happens.  I don't know what I would do if that happened to my child or grandchild. 


When my son lived in Santa Cruz and found out a child molester lived in the neighborhood and was always talking to the children, he posted signs everywhere to alert parents of this man who roamed their neighborhood.  This prompted my son to make and distribute bumper stickers that say "Execute Child Molesters" which are exclusively sold at White Rabbit Boutique.  It created a neighborhood watch group who monitored this man's actions to assure that their children would be safe and opened dialog between parents and children.


I went to Catholic school for eight years and never heard of any abuse in my parish. But life was different then.  Kids were not as worldly then as they are today; they were pretty innocent.  If it happened, no one knew about it. And if it happened, no one would probably talk about it either.  Not all priests succumb to the temptation of any form of sexual activity while in God's service.


A family friend was ordained in SF when I was a kid and I remember how special that ceremony was when Father Steve was ordained as a priest.  I think parents whose sons become priests feel that they have a winning ticket to heaven because their son gave up his life for the life of celibacy in God's service. 


Many years after the abuse, Joey filed suit against the Catholic Church, the abuser priest, and the Salesian Order of priests. He endured and vowed to make things right and to stand up for victims of abuse even while they were trying to tear him down.He made history being the only clergy molestation victim to have ever gone to jury in Contra Costa County against a priest and the only clergy abuse victim to ever win a case like that, which he did in 2003.  He enlightens the reader of abuse by the Salesian Order of priests, all of which are documented. 


The book is a real page turner that keeps the reader very involved in this story.  It is so heartbreaking to hear the repeated threats from the priests of “who would believe a little troublemaker like you or a priest? And it takes you to a place of out of body experiences and past lives.


Joey Piscitelli was raised in Richmond and is a child abuse victim advocate, a writer, and a contractor living in Martinez with his lovely wife.  He is a member of San Francisco Regional Mensa.  He is also a practicing earth-based (non-Satanist) Pagan.


Piscitelli has organized hundreds of press conferences, news events, and protests concerning clergy abuse throughout Northern California, and has exposed several dozen clergy abusers publicly. He has appeared on several radio talk shows, and tv shows, including the Oprah Winfrey show for male survivors in Chicago.  He has been interviewed and quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines, and has appeared in several documentaries on clergy abuse as well. Joey Piscitelli was also a volunteer leader and coordinator for “SNAP- The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests” for nearly 10 years in Northern California.


I applaud him for devoting his life to trying to make sure this abuse does not happen to another child.  Whether or not you agree with his leaving the church, he certainly had reason.  Being a pagan, worshiping the earth, is one of the oldest religions and it works for him. 


Please join us on April 28th and meet Joey Piscitelli and get a copy of his true life story.

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Judy Jones April 13, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Good luck Joey...
A Voice April 14, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Thank you Joey for your strength and convictions for yourself and others who may not have such a strong voice.
Joey Piscitelli April 21, 2012 at 03:14 AM
Thank you guys for your support.
Angel Vetrano April 26, 2012 at 11:34 PM
I commend you for standing up, and being heard no matter how afraid you were, i to am working on getting the abuse i have suffered within my own silence towards the light,... but its still the same story... Its a innocent child made to believe in a adult, that was to be trusted, then the trust was shattered, and now the child has to remain in silence for fear of being ridiculed of being threatened, or to not be believed , how to stop someone that EVERYONE believed in, for so long that they were raised to believe in , or that now the child is so afraid, and feels so ashamed of their own actions, that if they was to say something to anyone, no one would believe him anyway, and their family lose their money to pay their bills, the house were they live would be sold where would they live ???... I'm so happy you did it , and it proves to me, if you are loud enough, you will be heard, it's the ones who just give up, because they are so scared and havent learned to fight back, or blame themselves that have to live with the terror for the rest of their lives . ...blessings to you,May your life be filled with abundance and love, and may you not ever feel like a victim again...(so must it be)....i would be honored to meet you, and hear your story...and I'll share with you the one I'm writing... YOU ARE LOVED AND YOUR WORTH IT....
Joey Piscitelli April 28, 2012 at 05:23 AM
Angel, I have met several hundred child abuse victims, and I have learned that 95% of them never come forward, You are very courageous to come forward, I too am looking forward to meeting you as well. I encorage all victims of child abuse to never give up, and they can contact me, and I can refer the to help. Peace and Magcik to you, and all victims who read this forum - joey


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