Egyptians Invaded My Home

Shopping one day introduced us to a Sarcophagus and that was followed by Egyptian decor that dominates our dining area.

My sweetheart, Bill, and I were shopping about nine years ago at Sunvalley Mall in Concord long before I had my shop, and we spotted this 6 foot tall Sarcophagus of King Tut in one of the shops. We both liked it and always wanted a conversation piece in our home. We had to ponder where we would put this item if we purchased it. It really didn’t match our décor at all. It took us a few months, but we decided to purchase it and thought it would feel at home in our dining room.

We don’t frequent the mall much, so when we went back to the mall to purchase it, we found out that the store was no longer there. We were so disappointed. We both said, “now what?” since we had our hearts set on purchasing it.

My dining room theme was pretty much Italian at that time. But maybe it was time to change it into something else or at the very least, incorporate something new into the mix. I called the mall and told them about the dilemma and they gave me a phone number to call for the company that moved out of the mall that was selling the Sarcophagus. I called them, gave my credit card number to them for payment, and anxiously awaited its delivery.

The day came when the Sarcophagus was delivered to my home. It was pretty heavy, being all made of wood, about 150 lbs. It even opens up to find shelves for CDs, books, etc. We put him in his special place in our dining room and not long after he was put in his place, I felt him calling to me telling me he was lonesome. Ok, so maybe I got a little carried away, but something in that face looked lonely to me. 

What followed was an Egyptian shopping spree which netted a large bust of King Tut’s stepmother, Nefertiti, a three foot tall King Tut clock, a three foot tall Bastet, a four foot tall slave girl holding a planter, a three foot wide bust of Isis, a four foot wide wall hanging containing Egyptian artifacts, as well as camel sconces, papyrus wall hangings, etc.

Now Tut is not lonely any more.

There is something quite special about these Egyptian home décor pieces. It was strange that I had this urge to fill my dining room with these items when I really never gave it too much thought before.  After all, my ancestors were from Italy and Yugoslavia (now Croatia), not Egypt. 

Bill and I always wanted a suit of armor for our foyer, but realistically, our home is not big enough for that. 

Our Sarcophagus worked for us and we love it. Bill jokingly says that he could be buried in it. What a goofy thought. But maybe not — it sure was cheaper than a coffin would be. Perish the thought! 

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DONALD E. BARKLEY March 23, 2013 at 07:13 AM
A LOCAL LOOK AT DA NILE!! Dear Anne AND Bill: what A interesting glimpse INTO BOTH YOUR "passion FOR ART AND each other"! I Loved it in it's entirety! I FOUND IT FUN Informative as let us "peek inside your home" it is charming TO see an enjoyment, that was intertwined with Humor and Historic facts/ well ..Hay it flat Fun!! OK First Bill a question A bit "Off subject,,I hope, (advice if you will)! now as Anne say's "SWEETHEART" and this started some 9 years ago and still "SWEETHEART" you two must have some "Egyptian magic" also?? Bill when I sent this to my fiance in England, and that is say 7 year's going!/// plus that is just the 9 years of Yours and ANNES "Egyptian Art" IS not your Marriage and Family"!! If this was a game show it would be "phone a friend time" for ME! Well Bill now Anne did mention that You had jokingly said "Maybe You could use the "Sarcophagus" to "be buried in"! I must admit you simply have to be doing something "right with your Egyptian love potion"! I say such as my fiance couldn't help but ask ME "do we have to wait a full 9 years before you to move in the MUMMY//Ouch? Now she laughed (Tricky that way huh?) AHHH bill it is a Joke as an (Egyptian magic man"?).. Please say so.. "GULP! however I was planing on "my trip to England" this year for in July but now, after "The seeds have been Planted"at the very least I shall not visit and "museums or (mausoleums) with unused Sarcophagus" while there! All Help Anne and Bill is appreciated!
DONALD E. BARKLEY March 23, 2013 at 07:16 AM
I Told that story as "prelude" if I "Turn up missing, a Note to "The new Scotland Yard" just "INCASE-D"! :) To the previous "Statement" only if I in some manner bothered Anne or Bill / Please save any "Negativity"! I have no doubt that they "Get The Humor" as I BELIVE anyone that truly reads shall! Especially as it is aimed at ~~~~~~ Myself! Just look at the Great Pictures, a visual tour of their Collection, that is the story! Also THEIR KIND GIFT to US! Now not viewing said collection or not sharing with your family and friends, that is a ///sad thing to do! It is a PRIVILEGE TO LOOK AT!!!! MANY THANKS Bellow in all Seriousness I BELIVE that With 100% Certainty I "could Add nothing" as a Commentary that would "Do Your Collection JUSTICE"!! Words fail ME, They are unneeded to "Expand on what You two have done"! People simply need take the TIME to see what You as a couple have Accomplished from what was once just a "Wouldn't That be Nice" into the Truly Beautiful Assemblage of art!! I do have 2 Questions one being about what I BELIVE is the called the "4 foot tall "Slave girl"/ I find it stunning Art! Also about the "Cat next to the "Slave-Girl" I may have misread, however I didn't see it also may they both also be "Egyptian Art"? .... if I may I shall try to send you my "E-Mail address" if That would be possible! So I don't take up a Ton of the Sites Space/if thats ok? MANY THANKS DONALD E..BARKLEY


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